Cleaning out the closet / Mac stuff for sale (eBay)

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Cleaning out the closet / Mac stuff for sale (eBay)

I'm cleaning out my collection of computer parts and whatnot, so... im just going to post the links ot my various ebay auctions here, if that's okay.

MDD G4 Power Supply
Guaranteed working, like new (hardly used) MDD G4 Power Supply. Includes instillation instructions.

AirPort Extreme Card
Apple AirPort Extreme card pulled from an eMac. Guaranteed working. Includes the eMac internal antenna assembly.

IBM ThinkPad T22
ThinkPad T22. It comes complete with a DVD-ROM drive and a floppy drive. It features a 900 MHz Pent III CPU, and a 20 gig hard drive. The machine is in good to very good condition, with the exception of one small, non-structural crack, that does not affect operation. It's also got the ThinkPad trademark keyboard illumination, by which a bright white LED in the display frame can be activated via a key combination. It's also got USB, and an onboard V90 modem.