FS: Working Apple 5MB Profile Drive and Interface cards

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FS: Working Apple 5MB Profile Drive and Interface cards

Fall cleaning.

I'm selling my working 5MB Profile drive and the IIe/IIgs interface cards that are used to connect to the drive.

Pictures at: http://picasaweb.google.com/simplepractices/FSAppleProfileDriveAndCards

A little bit rare, so I'm asking for $250+shipping for the lot (excluding the IIgs and other cards in the pictures). I will throw in an additional non-working 5MB Profile drive that has some cosmetic cracks as well. The Ready LED does not turn on steady on this non-working drive. It could be just a low-level formatting issue, but I couldn't acquire an Apple III to attempt fixing it. YMMV.

The IIgs needs the later interface card (802-5006-C ROM 341-0299-B) to be able to access the drive. This is also documented in http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=1128

The later interface card is also needed to access a 10MB profile drive (at least, according to the document cited above).

I just tested a ROM3 IIgs to boot from the Profile drive. It boots into ProDos and launches the EZDRV menu system shown in one of the pictures (AppleWorks 3.0 is installed in the drive). I also tested the IIgs booting from a CFFA card and having access to the Profile drive from within GS/OS (no additional drivers needed), as shown in one of the pictures.

I also tested an Enhanced Apple IIe using the older interface card (802-5006-B ROM 341-0271A) to boot into the same EZDRV menu system (needed to PR#6 with the interface card inserted in slot 6).

The lot goes to ePay if I don't get any reasonable offers. The IIgs is not for sale (actually, it has been spoken for).