Apple Confidential 2.0

The subtitle of Apple Confidential 2.0 does a really nice job of saying what the whole book is about: "The Definitive History of the World's Most Colorful Company". I would agree that this is an up-to-date and thorough history of Apple Computers. This contains chapters on subjects as diverse as "Why 1985 wasn't like 1984" to "Woz's Wanderings". Since it would be almost impossible to summarize what's contained in this book, I've concentrated more on readability in this review.

As with anything that people offer to send me for free, I am of course slightly biased towards Owen W. Linzmayers new book, Apple Confidential 2.0. Though I'll try not to let it effect the review (I waited a while before writing this so I could think the book over), keep in mind that I opened this book with a good mindset.

I'm pleased to say that I kept that mindset throughout reading this book. In the press sheet that came with it, one reviewer states that he was up all night reading the whole book through. Though I'd like to say I experienced a similar thing, I found this book heavy enough that I had to space it out over the period of a week. Of course, if you aren't concerned about being on time for work or school tommorrow, and you are an avid Mac fan, you may find this hard to put down.

Thankfully, I was able to put this book down at the end of each chapter if I wanted to, as each chapter is pretty much self enclosed. With no cliffhanger to keep me reading, I tend to go off and find something else to do for a bit, and I don't think that Apple Confidential suffered in the slightest from this approach. Every chapter was absorbing and demanded to be read through. This makes this book great finding information quickly because, unlike many other 'history of computers and other stuff' books I've read, it doesn't make any huge attempt to carry one narative throughout the entire book. This means that I don't have to search through chapters 12-15 to find that sentence I thought I read. Ranging from 4-25+ pages, each chapter was interesting in it's own right, though I found it hard to see them all joined together.

All in all, I'd say this is worth reading if you're a big Apple fan. If you aren't, it's a good history lesson. And for all the rest of you, I have to ask, why are you reading Applefritter?

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