Apple IIc with tons of extras

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Apple IIc with tons of extras
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Hello. I am selling an Apple IIc with tons of software and accessories. I am selling the IIc, joystick, box of software including games, beagle brothers software, print shop, timeworks, appleworks, prodos, and tons of other things. I have an extra 5.25" disk drive and green monochrome screen, whoever buys the IIc or IIgs first will get it if they want it. Feel free to email, email on applefritter, or call me at 928-782-5225. Make me an offer, and buyer pays for shipping. Thanks.

I also uploaded some pictures.
OH! And I have an ImageWritter II that needs some ink, but otherwise works good. Same as the extra disk drive and monitor, whoever wants it first will get it. Whoever wants more pictures, I will email to them, I have plenty, of the software, imagewritter II, disk drive, and joystick.