my original 400K disk has to use 1.44MB to create it

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my original 400K disk has to use 1.44MB to create it

my plus machine use 800K disk.recently,my 400k disk has I use 1.44mb to create 800K.but I need to create 400K disk.I know how to create 800K from 1.44MB disk.but I can't find 400K I ask everyone,how to create 400K from 1.44MB.thx

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You comments are not clear, but I will try to help.

I will assume that your Mac Plus has a 1.4MB SuperDrive. If so, you can read/write to 800k and 1.4MB floppies just fine. If you want to format a 400k disk though, you will need to boot into System 6 or earlier. Don't use System 7 because it won't format 400k disks for you. But yes, your SuperDrive will format 400k disks, as mine does so just fine (in my SE/30), but only when running System 6.

This advice also holds true even if your Plus only has an 800k floppy drive. You still need to boot into System 6.

Do NOT use cover the hole and format 1.4MB floppies as 800k or 400k. Buy some 720k PC floppies and format them to either 800k or 400k as you like.

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