Apple II Series

Over the years, I've amassed tons of Apple II stuff as well as several Old-World Mac's. Some of it I simply must get rid of due to space limitations. All of it I hope may be put to good use and kept from the landfills. All of it is for sale.

I have a large selection of Apple IIgs units. Most have the WOZ signature on them. All of them work. Of course I also have the 5.25 and 3.5 floppy drives and the RGB monitors. Currently, I still have Apple Imagewriter I and II units, IIe style Monochrome monitors, and a few IIc style Monochrome monitors. There's boxes of add-on cards and pallets of disks.

Much of the software will be discarded as there are duplicates of many titles, being that they came from a classroom setting.

I don't check AppleFritter often, but I do check email almost daily.

If you're interested in anything, email me at