The PB 5300cs Saga and Stuffit (Trials and Tribulations)

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The PB 5300cs Saga and Stuffit (Trials and Tribulations)

In my other thread I was talking about what happened when I finally opened up the 5300c that I bought about two weeks ago. This is along the same lines, but it has to do with the 5300cs and trying to use Stuffit.

There was a suggestion made in another thread (don't ask...I cannot remember right now) about downloading the .bin files for OS 7.5.1 or OS 7.6 and then using Stuffit Expander to turn these .bin images into Mac Floppies. That is all well and good, and I followed the directions, copied all the files to cd and uploaded the whole thing onto my G4 which is running OS 10.4.

*** Believe it or not it just occured to me that I can load the cd on my Beige G3! ***

I'm going to finish this first because (forgive me) I'm a bit frustrated.

I finally get the Shareware version of "Stuffit Expander" converted from PC to Mac, rushed in to the G4, loaded up the floppy disk, and waited for it to come up on the desktop.

It did! I thought to myself..."now this is great! I can made a new set of install disks for OS 7.5.2 and get the 5300 back up. I have the floppies ready; I'm all set."

I clicked on the istall file and the machine starts it's magic and then stops cold.

Dialog Box: You must be running in Mac Classic Mode to use this software on this computer. Please load OS 9.1.

I cannot run in "Classic Mode" on the G4.

I decide to go to Alladin Software which points me to Smith Software to see about getting a current copy of Stuffit. The "Deluxe Edition" is $79.00 and is a Download.The "Standard Edition" is $49.00 and is a Download. The Shareware Expander id Free, but you have to sign up to receive a whole bunch of Hoo-Ha from several other companies.

I decide to get the "Standard Edition" and procede to the checkout. I don't want a Download, I want a cd so I'll have it in case. lol

They wanted to charge me not only the $49.00 for the download, but another $10.99 for a "Backup Disk". There is no way just to order a cd. Talk about Bru-ha!

Thats when I decided that I should just shut everything down for the night and cool off.

Any comments are surely appreciated. I know some of you have probably been through this already.

Steven Smile