PowerBook booting to BSD instead Of OS X (Aqua)

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PowerBook booting to BSD instead Of OS X (Aqua)

Hi I have a problem with my PowerBook

It boots to BSD (Command Line Interface) instead of OS X (GUI Aqua)

This Video shows more


Please note that the screen on the PowerBook is broke so I can only use it connected to an external monitor

When I try to reinstall the system, the picture does not get pushed across to the external monitor meaning I can not see what I am doing and thus can not reinstall

Thanks in advance for any help or sugestions

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An idea

Couldn't see your video so I don't know what pb you have, but if it has a FireWire port (it should), you may be able to install a system using another PowerBook. You can put your machine in FireWire Target Mode by cold booting, after the chime hold down the 'T' key. Boot up the other pb to the install disc, connect via FireWire to your machine, and install the OS on your machine as though it were an external drive. Once installed, your machine should reboot to the new system.

I just searched for your screenname on YouTube and found your vid. That's weird. You can try booting to single user mode then running fsck (on cold boot hold down Applekey-s, it will tell you how to fsck -fy... if it returns errors, run fsck again. Once errors are clear, type 'reboot'), but it appears a boot switch is tripped to make it boot to console only. It's also booting REALLY fast. I never learned the boot switch to have it boot to console, so I wouldn't know how to switch back. Also, I liked Panther... but I run Leopard on my 2003 ppc/12"albook (the OEM was Jaguar), and it runs great. If you have at least 1GHz, you should upgrade to Leopard.

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