Lots of Old Apple Stuff

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Lots of Old Apple Stuff

Hey Everyone,

I have found a bunch of old mac stuff lying around and I'm looking to sell it. I tested everything to see what worked and it is all in good condition. I also looked around via google and found approximate pricing for each item. My question for you all is, what items that I own are rare and do you agree with my listed pricing? Please be honest and share what knowledge you have. I am no expert on these items but I did do some research.

Here is the list of what I have:


• 1986 Apple IIe Platnium Edition (Model #: A2S2128) ~$75-$150
-1986 AIIE 80COL/64K Memory Expansion Card (Model #: 820-0067-D) ~$15-$50
-1978 Disk II Interface Card (5.25

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Your best bet would be to go up on eBay and check out Apple II and Mac items for auction. This would give you an idea of the spread between prices for different items.

Happy New Year!

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