Some open firmware help for my PDQ?

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Some open firmware help for my PDQ?

I've got a Wallstreet PDQ. OS X 10.2.8 is the last Apple OS that will run on it, and I think we can all agree that old hardware really doesn't suck that bad if you have a decent operating system. I think we can also agree that 10.2 is really, really long in the tooth.

I can't seem to get my G3 Powerbook to boot a NetBSD or OpenBSD CD. I'm not well-versed in the dark arts of Open Firmware. Basically, if I can get it to even act like it's going to read the CD, it ends up going herringbone-happymac, then rebooting again with the OS X grey background. It just won't boot to CD.

I can't pull up all the crazy commands I've tried in the OF menu, but let's just say all the ones in both OpenBSD and NetBSD's macppc documentation doesn't even come close to working. For starters, all of them refer to cd, cd0, ide0 etc, and the only devices I see are ata_

Anyone with some knowledge feel like lending me a hand?

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Hi, I've been dabbling in


I've been dabbling in open firmware on powermac 8500 and 9600.

You should be able to get it running 10.4 Tiger using xpostfacto (if you have enough ram)|.

It sounds like you're having trouble setting the boot device, which on oldworld roms won't be cd, cd0 etv.

You'll have to manually find out the path to the cd drive.

If you type devalias in OF this will show all the shortcuts to the various devices - the cd drive may be on there.


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