How do you pile your Macs?

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How do you pile your Macs?

I thought it might be interesting to see photos of the piles of Macs that some of you have collected. I don't have a pile anymore because I've sold off almost everything that's not stationed somewhere in use, but I used to have a little collection, and I know there's many here who have garages and basements with very impressive Apple treasure troves, so if you feel inclined, let's see what your personal Mac museum looks like.

(If you don't know, you can upload a photo by clicking on "image" under "create content" while your logged into your account. Then you can either post a link to the uploaded photo's URL, or you can right click on the uploaded photo while in your gallery and select "copy image location" from the drop down menu and then paste it within img brackets directly into your post--in which case the image will also be shown right here in this thread.)

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The Pile....


I'm not sure if it would qualify as a pile, but the tub in my second bathroom is where I've stored some of my Mac's. I laid a blanket in the bottom and started stacking. Works fine (just don't turn on the shower). lol

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My computer collection is sta

My computer collection is stacked on pallets in a greenhouse. And piled on my workbench. And theres a couple in the garage, too...
My iPod collection is another story.

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No pile here!

At the moment I don't have enough computers (PC or Mac) to stack up. My wife may disagree with that.... Smile

Currently I have a Beige G3 and a Blue/White G4 at work, a G4 at home and 4 PCs at home.

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