Safari 4 Beta on Older Systems

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Safari 4 Beta on Older Systems

I have been using Safari 4 on my 400MHz Pismo since the beta was released and all I can say is it is amazing! When you aren't doing anything with it is barely uses ANY processor! Still can't play videos, but that is to be expected...

I usually use Opera 9 (Opera 10 Beta wouldn't even open on my system) as it is the only thing that has any usable speed. I also use Firefox 3 (G3 version called Minefield) so I can use my plug-ins and have access to my Foxmarks bookmarks. But Firefox uses about 60% of system resources when it is sitting there doing nothing! Immediately goes up to 100% when doing anything Flash of course, but that is the problem with the video card in this old of a machine.

I have been messing around with some changes and user style sheets (mostly from and have gotten rid of most of the advertisements. I really don't mind ads, especially text ones, but really get annoyed at yahoo's placing dating ads with beautiful women all around my emails saying 'flirt with me'! I guess since my profile shows that I am a middle aged geek that that is what I am looking for...

Has anyone had any experiences in using Safari 4 Beta on older machines?

I am really looking for a way to control Flash objects on a site-by-site basis and don't have the cash for some of the advanced Safari Plug-ins (It's a different world when most of the Firefox plug-ins are 'Donation Ware'.)

I am running 10.4.11 and I think that is the minimum for Safari, but it 10.4 runs great on my Pismo with 384 MB of RAM as long as I don't use too many cool musical widgets and such!

Russell - Idaho USA
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