Any interesting Programs that you remembered from the past?

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Any interesting Programs that you remembered from the past?

Just curious , what are some of your guy's favorite Programs written by the users in the Apple II community? I know that there were tons and tons of appz made for everything from Modem Programs , especially designed for the famous Apple Cat Modem or programs that were designed to help aid in making custom title screens for your games and appz?

There was a user back in the day that created some very cleaver programs for the Apple Cat , one was a nifty little program called The Cat's Meow. Now for those of you who are not familure with this program , let's just say it did some things that were not on the legal side. When used correctly , this was a very strong and powerfull program. It gave the user Phone Operator controlls! For instance , one would be able to perform a 2600 MHZ tone , which back then , when using such a Tone , would be able to Disconnect a caller off of a phone line! Also , it had built in Tones , such as :

.25 Cent sounds! When you would pick up the phone in a conferance call , and you would here on the other end , the caller was on a Pay Phone , and hear that voice recorded message saying that you had to insert more money to continue the call! Well , that's were this program cam into play , all the person had to do was press a key and it would send out the .25 Cent tone! And the payphone would pick up on it as an actual coin being inserted!

But beyond that , The Cat's Meow was more or less a Conference Call maker! I can remember being on such calls that at one time or another up to 20 people were on! It was great to chat with people that you would normally just post on their BBS's , and now were able to put a voice to their name and talk to them! All I remember about this user that created The Cat's Meow was a fellow that went by the handle The Tempest! And he made some really kewl programs. To this day the programs still work! It's amazing too boot these programs up and watch them run. Although Sprint , MCI and Metrophone are a thing of the past when using Codes to make long distance calls , is now a but a distant memory :O(

But other great programs still came out. Like.. The Pirate's Signature by Johnny Apple Seed , and others that helped aid a user in a particular Game that needed some , well let's just say , some added help in making their characters in Wizardry super hero like!

So if you have any good memories of programs from the past that you had delt with ,
weather it was in work with your Modems , or anything else , I think it would be fun to
read about them again! Long live Beautiful Boot Maker! Thanks Mini Appler for a great program!


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Hahaha the good old days of p

Hahaha the good old days of phreaking and AT&T conference calls once the AT & T office closed for the day..

As for software.. I'm still looking for a copy of Digi-Dazzle the second release of Tom E. Hawk's Super Hires Scroller.. you gotta love when your little ones get into your 5 1/4 inch disk collection and use them as frisbee's..


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Copy ][ Plus has helped me ou

Copy ][ Plus has helped me out on more than one occassion! Smile

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Robot Odyssey

Really cool game I remember playing on the Apple ][e was a game called "Robot odyssey" where you had to dinker around with these robots and it taught people about logic (AND/OR/NOR/XAND/XOR) and circuitry in general. I wish I had an Apple II to play it on again. I would need to track one down, but I don't have the money (or space) to be able to store/buy it. So I would need an emulator, but it's just not the same Beee

I would really love to get an Apple II system just setup for general playing around. Maybe controlling a few little robots (Turtle anyone?) or maybe an old Plotter with CAD or something.

They used to have stuff like "Pooyan" and "Choplifter" and "Centipedes". Stuff like that I grew up on. And the "Incredible Machine" and "Number Munchers"

Stuff that I grew away from and would like to get back to. Those were some awesome programs.

I remember at one point, my dad had a 20MB Hard Drive (SCSI) external that he could actually boot ProDOS from it. Really cool because he setup games and stuff on it that you could select from a menu.

I also wrote my first Essay on an Apple //c, so that was cool. That was back during Junior high when the school I was at couldn't afford new machines (the newest machines at that time were 10 years old) so I never really got the chance to have a good machine until we got the G3 iMac when we got that at home and upgraded from an Archaic machine (Performa 450, and then a Centris 610) and had an actual modern machine for once. I used to spend a lot of time on that iMac when we had dialup (and it cost us an arm and a leg) but that was my first REAL computer.

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Morlocs Tower

Does anyone remember that one? Classic cassette game!

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I thought Fontrix was useful and interesting since you were able to make great albeit rudimentary typefacing and printing. But i also used it to insert writing into video cassettes. For example i created a screen and outputting the composite signal to a VCR and was able to create video screens. Then there were fonts available that let you do draft drawings like electrical diagrams. The best part was that software was relatively cheap compared to other non-game software available back then and i always kept finding a use for it.

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I'm with Thrax. Fontrix is great. The only hard part is trying to gather all the different Fontpaks. lol
Beagle Bros. software and some of the NIBBLE software too. Smile

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Re: Fontrix...

I'm with Thrax. Fontrix is great. The only hard part is trying to gather all the different Fontpaks. lol
Beagle Bros. software and some of the NIBBLE software too. :)

If you're still interested in finding copies of the Fontrix Fontpaks check this out:


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Cool !

Thanks Dean Smile

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There are two disks that I se

There are two disks that I seem to remember from the past, when I had an Apple //e of my very own. Both of these disks -- and the books they came with -- were by a publishing company that dubbed themselves "dilithium Press". One of these was called "Golden Flutes and Great Escapes" by an author called Delton T. Horn; the other, "32 Basic Programs for the Apple Computer" by Tom Rugg and Phil Feldman. If anyone has heard of these disks, and has a copy that can be dumped to a Windows file, please let me know.


Brandon Taylor

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