FS: Apple IIgs ROM3, RGB Monitor, 4MB Memory

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FS: Apple IIgs ROM3, RGB Monitor, 4MB Memory

Selling another one of my numerous IIgs -- ROM3, including a RAM4GS 4MB memory card (has 4x 1MB SIMMs installed). Also included is the IIgs RGB Monitor, generic ADB keyboard and mouse. I'll include an Echo IIb sound card if wanted. No drives included, but I may be able to search my collection for a 5.25" DuoDisk or a CFFA card (+$80 extra for the CFFA card).

Selling for $90+shipping from zip 97124.

Pictures at http://picasaweb.google.com/simplepractices/FSAppleIIgsROM34MB#

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I was wondering if you'd sell just the computer, sound card, and disk drives if you can find them.

I'd pay upwards of 70 just for those. My zip for a shipping quote is 37373.


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