What a find! [GBBS data files]

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What a find! [GBBS data files]

Wow floppies do contain gold! I came accross some very important data on one of my old floppies. Now keep in mind that this floppie is well over 24 years old! It contained data files for GBBS. For those of you who are not familure with GBBS , this was Gregg Sheafers Bulletin Board System program. For use back in the day for all Apple II/II+ and //e's. I would say that over 90% of the boards were running of of GBBS. Well anyways getting back to finding the data , two very good friends of mine that I grew up with back in Southern Cal , ran two amazing bbs's back in the day. One was called The Simarillion and the other was called DUNE. Which I believe was based off of the movie DUNE. Any how these two guys were brothers and one was a very proficient 6502 assembler programmer and the other was just a remarkable basic programmer. They wrote the very first Voice Mail Retreval program for GBBS! How it worked was this... A caller would dial into the BBS once hooked into the board if you waited for about 1-2 minutues the board would log you out and your would pick up your phone. A programmed voice would come over the phone and let you log into the board via your Touch Tone Phone and see if there are any Voice Messages left by other users on the BBS. Simple Touch Tone Keys were used to move about the program , for retrieving messages , leaving messages , etc... This was far ahead of its' time back in the day! NO other BBS around was using this feature! I dumped the basic code and binary code into .RTF for a friend of mine so he could put it into his blog. Also , the program relied on the SAM program which was short for Speech Automated Mouth , the card that came with it , and an Apple Cat modem with a Touch Tone Decoder chip.

Any ways , I was just amazed to find the files still in tack and working! What a find! I just wish I could hunt down the actual hard drive that ran DUNE and get it all up and running again! Would be great if someone was able to make a BBS emulator so that you can use the basic files that ran these boards and have it up and running again!

Nice to dream... Huh?

Anyways that's all for my bragging rights..

Take care;


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How about you make those

How about you make those files available for all of us?

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Holy.... You found the DUNE

Holy.... You found the DUNE BBS code and the Silm BBS code?


Please, please make that available. I might volunteer some time on these projects, depending on my state of health. 

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I've been looking for the original Dos version of this program.  Are you going to make it available for download? I started out with the older dos version and want to set it up to run along with the latest version of GBBS Pro version.

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