fix Pismos' dc/sound board

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fix Pismos' dc/sound board

One of my kids tripped over the power cord one too many times and the connector soldered to the dc board came loose. This morning I decided to solder it back. I've done this before for a neighbor so I wasn't expecting any problems. Well, now I can't get the computer to start up, it will charge the battery, I have power to the keyboard (the cap and num lock lights), there is no startup sound, but if I plug ear buds in the back I hear a faint blip when I hit the start button.

I have reseated the processor
reset the pram
tried to start with the keyboard and pram battery unplugged, no battery,power cord only
I have a good power supply
good battery
pram battery(aprox 6vt)

the computer worked flawlessly before I re-soldered the three pins that came loose and that was it, I can't understand what might have happened...
It's possible that something else happened to the computer when I had it apart, but I think it must be in the dc/sound card -I have a Lombard that I took apart to see the dc card and I can trace some of the circuts on both as the same - does anyone know how to troubleshoot a sound card? Any ideas?

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I e-mailed some people on here to find some help and maybe some parts - no help, but people like cwsmith will sell me a used dc board for $135.00 he e-mailed me, he found them for sale for $199.00, but I'll get a bargain, wow! I put down my cool aide and went for my wallet when I saw they are going for $20 on ebay but I got lucky with a $12 one. CWSMITH is 12 more or less than 199? I hope whoever is running this site will ban him, all he is doing is making it look like a scam site!

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I quote from the private message I sent to trex66:

A quick search of trusted websites shows prices for this board ranging from $69 to $199. I think we could probably safely meet somewhere in the middle. USPS Priority Mail should cost about $5.

I did not set a firm price: I left it open for you to counter with what you thought to be a reasonable offer.

In my opinion, eBay is *not* a "trusted site." Sellers on ebay can range from trustworthy individuals looking to clear out old parts, to questionable sellers selling questionable parts for dirt cheap, to shysters passing off junk as priceless.

I ran the Apple part number through a Google search and found a wide range of prices. The range I offered were those from sites I've bought from in the past. I was willing to donate my time to remove a known-good DC board from my parts Pismo (busted screen but otherwise in working order). As you saw in the instructions you found online, this is not a simple or quick job, so I don't feel bad asking for the prevailing price for the part.

If you feel my asking price is out of line, don't buy from me. I certainly wasn't forcing you to do so. If you want to haggle, or if you feel compelled to call my asking price into question, please do so in a private message. But I think it's patently unfair to imply, in a public forum, that I was trying to scam you without at least allowing me to counter back.

If you feel you can trust the eBay seller, I encourage you to go ahead and purchase the part from him. I tend to be a bit more choosy about how I make purchases on parts, sight-unseen. I'm willing to pay a bit more to have a pretty good chance of getting a working part. But I can't make your decisions for you.

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Re: 'nice' (trex66)

Trex66, when you purchase a part from someone here, you are often not just paying for the part & shipping, but the time needed to extract said part from whatever machine it's in, test it, to be sure it is working exactly as advertised (never know what you are getting from ebay), pack it up, box it, and drop it in the post. That being said, if you can find it cheaper elsewhere, fell free, but DO NOT accuse someone of 'being a scammer' just because you are too cheap to pay a fair price (yes, i said a fair price, as ebay prices are often severely deflated) for the part you seem to desperately need.

If you don't like that policy, fell free to bugger off elsewhere for your vintage mac needs.

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The term "does not play well with others" comes to mind.

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Since both sides have had the

Since both sides have had the ability to comment on this issue, I think this thread has reached the end of its useful life. If you two want to discuss/argue/whatever this issue further, you should do so privately.

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