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FS - Norton SystemWorks and Classic OS Books

Norton SystemWorks v1.0.1 (OS 9.1) - Includes Norton AntiVirus, Norton Utilities, Aladdin Spring Cleaning, and Retrospect Express backup software CD in plastic storage case (System Requirements: * PowerPC-based Macintosh system, * Mac OS 8.1 - OS 9.x, * 24 MB RAM, * 20 MB hard disk space for Norton AntiVirus and Norton Utilities; 10 MB hard disk space for Aladdin Spring Cleaning; 30 MB hard disk space for Dantz Retrospect Express,* CD-ROM drive) - $11 shipped CD in Jewel case. Includes Serial Number.

Norton SystemWorks 1.0 provides an integrated suite of software applications that cover almost every aspect of keeping your Mac running smoothly and fixing problems when they arise.

The suite consists of:

* Norton Utilities 6.0 is one of the best known Mac disk utility packages. It is a popular solution for disk repair, disk optimization, and data recovery. It finds and repairs disk problems with the click of a button, organizes files on your hard drive for fastest access, and restores files that have been deleted accidentally. The new Volume Recover feature can rebuild a disk's entire directory structure, increasing the chances of successful data recovery. Regular use of Norton Utilities can even help you fix disk problems before they cause serious trouble.

Offers a full range of disk and file maintenance functions; Recover badly damaged disks; Fixes minor disk and file damage; Optimizes your drive by defragmenting files and applications; Recovers accidentally deleted files. If the worst happens, and you find that you can't even start up from your Mac's hard drive, the Norton SystemWorks CD also works as a start-up (OS 9.1) disc, giving you a chance to recover files and fix the damaged drive.

* Norton AntiVirus 7.0 - Virus protection that is simple and comprehensive. Norton AntiVirus finds and repairs infected files, including ones containing Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel macro viruses, the most common types of viruses found on Macintosh systems.

* Aladdin Spring Cleaning allows you to free up your valuable disk space by safely deleting unwanted and unused files, duplicate files, temporary Internet browser caches, and even removing unnecessary or outdated code from some software applications, extensions, preferences, fonts or aliases. It's also great for removing the clutter left over from Internet sessions, including cache files, cookies, and history logs, completely uninstalling old programs and their related files...

* Dantz Retrospect Express Backup backs up all your important data. Backing up your essential files is always advisable, but often difficult to do effectively. It lets you copy files quickly and easily allows you to automate the process, backing up to removable media, another hard drive, or to an Internet archive with ease. The wide range of configuration options takes some time to configure, but once this is done, backing up becomes a single-click operation.

Classic OS Books

All books are $1 (for wrapping/handling) plus actual media mail shipping.

* Sad Macs, Bombs and Other Disasters and What To Do About Them; covers primarily system 6 and 7 - 1997, 964 pages

* Using Mac OS 8.5 - 1998, 894 pages

* Mac OS 8.6 Book The Ultimate Mac Users Guide; includes CD with software applications - 1999, 599 pages

* Macintosh Revelations; Customizing, Upgrading and Troubleshooting Using System 8; includes CD with software applications - 1998, 616 pages

Shipping will be from Richardson, TX 75080. I take PayPal (non-credit card) or USPS money orders. I (macgallery) have 100% positive feedback on eBay. Tom Calvert

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The Classic OS Books are sold.

The Classic OS Books are sold. Make offer on Norton.

Cheers, Tom

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