Weird/Rare Prototype/Test Apple 15" MacBook Pro 2006 2.16Ghz

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Weird/Rare Prototype/Test Apple 15" MacBook Pro 2006 2.16Ghz
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This is kind of a strange situation but I bought this Apple MacBook Pro not working for my girlfriend and managed to get it working by reinstalling OSX Tiger. The laptop is a rare Apple prototype/test unit that must have escaped Apple some how but features stickers on the bottom that identify it as belonging to the Apple Development Team along with all the specifications of the laptop. While checking to see if it was a hardware fault (it wasn't) I notice that it had a non-stock wireless card (which still works) and a green motherboard as opposed to the normal blue.

The laptop functions normally and has slight wear and tear on the outside but nothing too notable. The only issue is that it won't take an upgrade to Leopard nor anything higher than OSX 10.4.9. Snow Leopard does boot but acts choppy with mouse and text movement. This could be to a strange boot rom and SMC controller version that I'm too afraid to try and upgrade but if you do and it works, you have a perfectly fine MacBook Pro.

The specifications are:

• OSX 10.4.9
• 15" screen
• 2.16 Core 2 Duo Processor
• 2 Gb of RAM
• 120 GB hard drive
• Super Drive

This laptop would be perfect for an Apple enthusiast who likes extremely rare pieces like this one or someone who knows enough to upgrade the boot rom/smc software. As the nature, I offer no guarantees in case you try to upgrade the software.

If you want more pictures, let me know. You can view a gallery here: