What Kind Of Color Monitor Do You Recomend?

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What Kind Of Color Monitor Do You Recomend?

in your guys opinion , what is the best color monitor that you can use for the II+ or //e? one that's not over priced but handles a great job doing 80 col and color? I have a so so condition Apple II color composite , but you can tell it's already have vertical hold issues when trying to adjust the pots on them , so I was just wondering.....



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Color Monitors.....


I normally use an Apple RGB monitor with card, but with the advent of the new VGA adapters (IIc out now and IIe coming) I use my test stand 17" CTX CRT as I haven't replaced it with a flatscreen yet.

I have found that the old CTX VGA CRTs are VERY reliable and adaptable. Smile

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