Powerbook g3 Startup issues

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Powerbook g3 Startup issues

Hey guys been along time at least 3 years , at least 2 since i owned a mac, lately i have been repairing windows based laptops , my dad brings me laptops he gets from work a few weeks ago i got a g3 powerbook 400mhz family number m5343 ,it had no hard drive or ram, so i put a 256 stick in it and a old ibm drive i had sitting there 4 gig i think, it booted up once or twice but i dont have any system disks, thats what happens when you lend things to friends, i have an old power boook adapter here that seemed to work , but now i have some disks it doesnt want to boot, soon as you plug in the power adapter it turns it self on for a sec, spins up the hard drive, and turns off, then when you press the power button it wont turn on till you press the reset button and the same thing happens, i ve tried pressing the button combo's changing the hard drive , changing the ram, i left it to charge the battery over night and it does the same thing with just the battery in. please help i have had a look on gogle but nothing relevant to my problem comes up and i searched on the posts but nothing , please help i really want to be back into the mac universe

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PRAM battery?

If this Pbook has been sitting in storage, without power, for a long stretch of time, then the PRAM battery is likely dead.

Find and disconnect the PRAM battery from the logic board and see if it boots up without it. If it boots, buy and install a new PRAM battery.

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