hello,I have joystick question

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hello,I have joystick question

hello,do u know the converter of db15 to usb??recently,I made a converter by article.it is pc joystick to apple II,but I have question.althrough I can have converter for it.can I plug db5 to usb??can I go on to using usb joystick or circuit's reason...I can't do that.do u know this stuff???thx

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Re: hello,I have joystick question

This is an old post now, but a google shopping search:


Which leads to....

Manhattan USB Game Port Adapter DB-15 to USB, P/N: 168199

The USB Game Port Adapter enables gaming enthusiasts using older analog joysticks and controllers to interface with newer PCs equipped only with USB ports. The top-mounted four-mode switch makes installation and calibration easy. Quality Construction and Easy Installation Quality contacts and rugged construction combine to offer a reliable connection between the computer and analog game controllers for consistent trouble-free performance. Windows compatibility with Plug and Play installation and hot-swappability help provide seamless use without inconvenient and frustrating device conflicts.

for about US$20.

So Apple II joystick -> PC joystick adapter -> gameport to USB adapter

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