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Build from a G4 powerbook Titanium motherboard

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Very nice

Very nice

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Hi, many thanks for leaving a comment.
A little bit more infos:
The power supply comes from the older Powerbook G3 Pismo-Lombard series, the connector is just a normal mini stereo audio jack.
Internal video out has the connector broken, I've used the ext video out as main source. I haved a little trouble in the selection of the right monitor main view, the menu was on the internal monitor screen.
Keyboard and mouse are only via usb use
The 2,5" hd is the original one mounted under the mainboard witch is mounted with distance holders.
I've changed the backup battery with the same used on the desktop G4.
All usb and ethernet connectors are replicated on the back panel usibg professional Neutrik connectors.
The FW port is replicated to two out ports with a Firewire hub, witch status led was mounted on the front panel. This led just indicates that there's power presence at the unit.
Activity led is taked from the hd multipin connector (pins 39-40). I've soldered two little cables from it, not easy but not impossible.
The two fans are just in place but they works less often than in the original powerbook enclosure.
Also a heater bracket is just in use and fixed wirh two screws at the upper panel of the rack chassis.
Inside there's also a PC wifi card, next days I'll try a normal Airport card, I've just used also the original antenna, fixed with velcro strips.
From the internal speakers of the powerbook I've let in use only the right one, connected with the little and short cable that conducts also the internal mic witch I've cut, there's no use for it. (for audio out I'm using a little usb micro MBox from Digidesign)
The line input is used and comes from a stereo Neutrik Jack connector, so I've the possibility to record at least 2 audio track at a no bad quality, for better purposes I'm using other FW audio interfaces.
The on off power switch is the orininal one from the powerbook, extended in lenght.
The mounting was not easy.
I'm happy, the mac works fine!

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Dooood! Sweeeeeeeeeeet!

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Nicely done. I especially li

Nicely done. I especially like the fact that you've upgraded the connectors.

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Re: iRack

iRack wins the 3th place at the Meggaiver contest! Yeah

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