Apple Cassette Interface Project

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Apple Cassette Interface Project

Fellow Apple 1 fans,

Many of you may know that I have been working on a replica ACI (apple
cassette interface) for the Apple 1. Some info on the ACI and my
ACI replica may be found on this web page:

In order to move ahead on this project, what I have decided to do is
to accept pre-orders for kits at a reduced price of $75. This is the
original price for an ACI, something that I really wanted to hit, but
the high cost of some of the components make it a difficult price to
maintain with the low quantities of stuff I normally sell. I will
take pre-orders at the $75 price up through Oct 1, 2010. Around Oct
1st, I'll start ordering components for kits and expect to be able
to ship kits by late October or early November.

Once the pre-order phase is over on October 1st - I'll be raising
price to $100, with the exception of those who buy a Mimeo 1 kit at
the same time. Those who buy a Mimeo kit at the same time, will get
the special $75 price.

Send an Email to me at for pre-ordering
information, before sending money.

Mike Willegal