Apple ii and Apple ii europlus keyboards

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Apple ii and Apple ii europlus keyboards

Hello everyone,

Just to share my experience with the restoration of one A2 rev3 and one europlus.

Both have bad keyboard logic. Recently i managed to buy 2 keyboard encoder chips (MM5740AAE) from online store ( UK based ) . The Apple 2´s keyboard worked 100%. But the europlus did not. I´m suspecting that something must be wrong with the logic board besides the encoder chip.

From the 2 keyboard encoder chips that i got, 1 is ok and the other is defective. I´m currently waiting for a reply from littlediode for a replacement request.

I have an Apple 2e board without keyboard that upon power up displays those squares and beeps from time to time. I understand that it is normal because the board has no keyboard connected. Is there a way to force the keyboard detection so it can boot up ?

Best regards