Nubus Mafia

The goal of this poject is to provide annotated scans of all Apple motherboards and peripheral boards.

Everybody is welcome to participate. To upload an image, go here. The "Title" should be the name of the card, with the last word being either "Front" or "Back", to indicate the circuit or solder side of the card, respectively. "Path alias" must be left blank. In "Images" select the board side, board type, and board function. You must select exactly one field from each of these three categories. In the "Description", you are welcome to provide relevant notes.

We're looking for scans of any Apple-related boards not already in the archives.  The quality of the scans is very important. They should be:

  • 72 dpi
  • 24-bit color JPEGs
  • All text on the card and ICs must be easily legible.
  • Ideally, the background should be white.
  • JPEGs must be of high quality with no visible artifacts; in GraphicCoverter, set quality to 90%
  • Nubus cards should be 700 pixels high
  • If the the board has an external connector (eg. a video port), scan the card on end and paste it into the circuit-side image.

Once images are submitted they cannot be withdrawn.  You retain copyright, but you also assign permanent rights to publication to Tom Owad of Applefritter.

If you'd like to go the extra mile, you can annotate the board.