Asante MacCon MC3NB 10Base 2 (Thinnet)

Asante MacCon MC3NB REV. B1 1991....with 10Base 2 connector
Edit: thanx for the information all

Applied Engineering QuadraLink -- backside

Here's the solder side of the QuadraLink. Not much to see.
[i]Note: the diagonal lines under the solder points are shadows. I couldn't figure out what that was, cuz it wasn't there when I looked at the card; this shot was taken with a ceiling light almost directly above.

Applied Engineering QuadraLink -- Business End

Here's a shot of the port panel of the QuadraLink.

Applied Engineering QuadraLink

Here's the front side of the QuadraLink card. It's a Nubus card with four serial ports.

Radius Pivot IIsi Interface Card

The print on the left side of the card reads:
Pivot IIsi Interface
Radius Inc. (C) 1990
Made in USA
All Rights Reserved

A sticker on the reverse side reads:





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