Radius Pivot IIsi Interface Card

The print on the left side of the card reads:
Pivot IIsi Interface
Radius Inc. (C) 1990
Made in USA
All Rights Reserved

A sticker on the reverse side reads:

The black connector at the bottom plugs into the IIsi's PDS slot, and a Nubus board can plug into the white connector at the top. The black connector at the end of the loose leads plugs into a funky connector at the extreme top-left, and the video connector plate attaches to the back of the chassis. If you add a Nubus card, I suppose the video connector could go somewhere else; I've never used it in that manner, nor do I have a IIsi around to play with.



Hi, What are the specs on these cards as far as max resolutions etc. Anyone looking for one of these?? I HAD a 0379 monitor to go with it but it crapped out after sitting around. The sticker on the reverse side of my board reads BHB202000119. Print on the left reads the same as the one pictured here but with these numbers: 632-0066-D

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Does anyone know the pinout for the connector cable? Or is there anyone with a set that could buzz the connectors for us?

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Interesting, Ive seen almost that same picture listed as an SE/30 Pivot (presumably Greyscale) interface card. I just got one from macmetex along with one for the Color Pivot that has exactly the same connector. I haven't found my Radius SE FPD Card and cable as yet (found the "Magic Bus" adapter though) but I'm looking for it. If the SE FPD card has the same cable header, that'll be a VERY good place to start.

I believe that the low profile cards for SE/30 and IIsi are very likely to be identical, with only the backplane plate/cable length to differentiate them.

I'm still 43.2% asleep, more info to be posted after my coffee kicks in . . .