Board Side

Apple ][gs, ROM 00 Motherboard

Electrolytic Capacitors near Battery.


Pismo Sound/DC-in Board

This is the Sound/DC-in board for a Pismo, with the contacts of the power jack highlighted.


My A-One_2


Capacitor Leak Evidence


HD20 Internal Parts All Connected


HD20 Rodime Hard Drive -- Top View


My (Steve G) Replica Apple 1

This is my Apple 1 that I built from Steve G's kit.
Steve has been auctioning these off on eBay. The first auction he had, he offered a free kit to anyone who could guess five differences between the two revisions of Apple 1.
I did some web research and won the prize! This is it.

You can see my auction answers here:


Applied Engineering QuadraLink

Here's the front side of the QuadraLink card. It's a Nubus card with four serial ports.

Expander I Rev A

Finshed Apple 1 Replica Expansion board, less features than the consept skectch, but same idea. Testing to begin soon. Hopeful Expansions to come out after final rev.

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