Dr. Macinto

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Dr. Macinto is a single player game in which one is to remove all the viruses (smiling-face squres). The blocks can be removed by arranging them sequences of 4 or more of the same color horizontally or vertically.
Playing pills drop from the top and are comprised of two random colored blocks. Pills drop one at a time and may be moved left or right, or rotated.
Version 2.8 runs on PowerPC Macs. Sound added in version 2.7. You can configure key in version 2.6. On-line help, flip command and more features are added. Version 2.5C features 256 color blocks and more twist (3 new kind of virus, diagonal remove, etc.).
Dr. Macinto is 32-bit compatible and should run on any Mac from MacPlus to PowerPC Macs under System 6 or System 7.
If you want to keep this game, please pay US$5.00 shareware fee. If you send $10 or more, you will recieve the latest version and other games try in a diskette. See 'About..' for more information.

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