Letter 1 (Craig Solomonson)


Craig wrote to Edmond and Woz because he was considering writing a book about the Apple 1.


Nice to hear from you.  Sounds like you have been
doing some house cleaning!  Glad to hear that
you found the case, box, and keyboard for the
Apple 1.  I would be interested in any of those
items.  Let me know what you need for those items.  
I wouldn't need the cassette interface, but I'll pass
the info on if anyone inquires about one.

I don't have any of the cards you are looking for,
but I do have a spare Disk ][ interface card (handy
spare or to expand to a 4 drive system) and also a set of
chips for the disk drive.  I also have a copy of
Apple Logo with manuals in the box that has never been
opened.  It's a nice starter language for kids.  I think
it retails for about $150.  If any of these items are
of interest, let me know.  I also have probably
10-15 new diskettes full of assorted educational programs.

I wrote to Robert Edmonds.  His wife wrote back and
said he had died a few years ago and she threw
away all his old papers, computer stuff, etc.  Also got
a letter from Steve Wozniak about the Apple 1.  He said
they built 200 of them and only a couple actually
got traded in on Apple ]['s.  Incidently, Apple did not
serial number the boards... the Byte Shop put those
on the ones they bought from the Steves (about 100

I haven't tried the Apple 1 out yet.  Still
looking for the other transformer and the
right keyboard.  Couple guys here at work have
said they would hook it up.  Maybe will get
that done soon if we work someting out on
the keyboard.

Well, that's about all for right now.  Thanks
for writing and hope all is going well.

                   Craig Solomonson
                   1760 2nd Avenue N.W.
                   Cambridge, MN 55008

P.S.  How's the Apple II+ working?  Fine, I hope.  
      I really like my new IIe except
      the new Unidrives worry me.  They
      sound cheap!

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