Dual USB iBook Power Problems

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Dual USB iBook Power Problems

You may recall I had to order a new power cube for my Dual USB. The previous was damaged, and would not let the ibook take a charge. Thinking I may have damaged the internal power distrubtion module I purchase a replacement along with a powerbrick.

When I recieved the powerbrick, I plugged it in and it immediately took a charge and gave me the plug glow I have not seen for a long time. This was great for about a month. Thats when the iBook refused to take a charge, now plug glow or anything.

I was about to order a new brick, but figured, this was a operating brick and I know it didn't get damaged. Perhaps the internal powermodule finally gave out.

I Openned her up and swapped out the module. Put it all together and I now have a very faint glow from the power plug. I let it sit overnight in hopes it just need to charge up the battery.

I returned in the morning and the plug was still glowing faint, but the system would not start yet.

Has anyone seen this yet? Think is the brick or the internal power module?

Shane Hale