Custom Duo 2300c & Replacement Screen

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Custom Duo 2300c & Replacement Screen

For Sale (detailed descriptions below the short ones!):

Duo 2300c Replacement LCD display, new in (opened) Apple service box, $35/shipped in US.

Customized Duo 2300c (see pics linked below): Top lid & rails painted white, 100 mhz, 48mb RAM, 775 HD, floppy drive & adapter, A/C adapter. $70/shipped in US.


Duo 2300c display, Apple service part, in its Apple service box, in antistatic bag and still has the plastic on the display. This is the bare LCD, runs @ 640x480. Maybe someone more gifted than I could stick it in a Color Classic?? $35 shipped in US.

This is my "iBook-envy" Duo. I painted the top lid and side rails the brightest shade of matte white I could find, and also painted the Apple on the top lid red. The Duo was disassembled to be painted, not just masked off.

Pics are available here:

The specs:

100mhz 603e
48 megs RAM
775 mg hard drive
Modem (14.4?)

Screen is in fantastic shape, no dead pixels, and is nice and bright.

Comes with:
1 type 3 battery (pretty flat, but it holds date/time info for a week or so)
AC adapter
Floppy drive & micro floppy dock

I'm looking for $70 shipped in the US.

Questions? More pics? Email me at (remove SPAMSUX, of course).

Thanks for looking!