Burlwood 'Book

For some time I have been looking for a Bookwares wood bookcover for my Powerbook 1400. After searching in vain I decided to take a cue from some of the mods seen in this site to attempt a burlwood motif on an existing bookcover. Here is the result:

Burlwood 'Book

I used a woodgraining tool to get it started. The paints used are Rustoleum Calret Wine and Kona--red and brown! The graining tool left the "grain" but took away the excess brown. I used a small modeling paint brush to apply and blend the wine color to the exposed areas left by the tool.

The indirect light I used kind of cast a glare on part of the cover, but you get the idea.

The brushed aluminum-like upper is actually metal look contact paper I bought at a hardware store.

Took a while and the minute detail of handpainting and blending each line in the grain was a bit tedious, but the results were better than I expected. In the face of that, though I am also in the middle of creating an aged leather look cover using the same paint and some unusual tools. I will post here when that is complete--if it isn't a total disaster!

Thanks for looking everyone, and thanks for all the support that everyone on this site continues to show!

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