How Many Computers have you owned

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Many, many computers...

Current computers (no particular order):

iBook 600mhz Combo
Pismo 400mhz
Blue G3 x2 (one dead)
Beige G3 300mhz Minitower
Beige G3 in ATX case with 366mhz CPU from blue G3
Power Mac 5500/275
Power Mac 7100/66
Power Mac 6100/66 x5
PowerBook 540
PowerBook Duo 230
PowerBook 1400cs/166
SE/30 x3
LC 475
Performa 475
eMate 300 (dead)

Compaq iPAQ desktop PC (500mhz Celeron)
Compaq Professional Workstation 5000 (Dual PPro)
Compaq Proliant 5500 server (Dual PPro)
Compaq Armada x3 (various models in poor condition)
Compaq Deskpro 5100 (Pentium 100mhz)

NCR System 3300 (486DX2)

Acorn Archimedes 310 (heavily upgraded)
Acorn A4 x2
Acorn A3010 x2
Acorn Risc PC 600

Amstrad CPC6128
Amstrad 6128+
Amstrad PPC512
Amstrad PPC640

Silicon Graphics Indy R4600
Silicon Graphics Iris Indigo R3000 (blown SCSI chip)

Sun SPARCstation IPX
Sun SPARCstation Voyager x2 (rare)

Commodore 128D
Commodore 64 x3 (2 original, 1 c)
Commodore VIC-20 x2
Commodore C16
Commodore Amiga 500
Commodore Amiga 1200 x2 (one has 40mhz 030)

NEC PC-8201A x2

Psion Series 5mx
Psion Revo
Psion Series 5 x3 (none work)
Psion Organiser II CM x2
Psion Organiser II XP x2
Psion Organiser II LZ
Psion Organiser II LZ64
Psion HC110
Psion MC400
Psion Series 3 256k x2
Psion Series 3a
Psion Series 3c x2 (one backlit, one not)
Psion WorkAbout 256k (faulty screen)

HP Omnigo 100

Palm IIIc
Palm III
Palm M100

Compaq iPaq H3760

Sharp Zaurus SL-5500
Sharp HC-4100a
Sharp MZ-80B

IBM Thinkpad 360c
IBM Thinkpad 370c
IBM Thinkpad 570xl

Osborne 1 (plastic case version, working)

Homebuilt Athlon 2200+ machine

Sinclair Spectrum 48k
Sinclair Spectrum +3

Cambridge Z88

Atari 520ST-FM
Atari 520ST-E

IBM PS/2 luggable

NCD X Terminal (based on Motorola 88000)

Toshiba Satellite 4060XCDT (333mhz PII)
Toshiba HX-10 (MSX)

Previous machines have included many generic PCs, some broken Sharp 8-bit computers, a 486DX2 laptop, three hideously fragile Dell Inspiron laptops, a dead 6100, PowerBook 160, a Bondi iMac, a blown DuoDock and a wretched Power Mac 5200.

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My computers ive got a small collection

Gateway 505gr pc 1gig of ram (dead psu)
Hp pavilion xt963 (spywared)
Hp pavilion 510w (Linuxed)
Ibm thinkpad 560z
ibm thinkpad 560
Jornada 680e
ibm 300xl pc
some pc i built my self ages ago
Some packard bell computer.
mobilepro 780
Epson I+ an 8086 machine
Macintosh SE
Macintosh SE/30
Macintosh IIci
Macintosh LCIII x2
Macintosh classic II x3
macintosh powerbook 160
macintosh powerbook 5300cs(my current main laptop)
Macintosh Performa 6110cd
Macintosh Quadra 630
iMac Tangerine 266mhz (my main desktop machine) Rocking on os 9.1!
Atari 800xl x 2
Palm m130
palm m125

not that many though Wink

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To all the Macs I've loved before ...

A few of these haven't been booted up for a while, so my memory for details (RAM, OS) may be a bit fuzzy ...

12" iBook G4 - 1.2 GHz, 1.25 GB, Tiger
12" iBook G3 - 700 MHz, 640 MB, Tiger (my wife's computer)
12" iBook G3 - 700 MHz (dead logic board -- anybody need parts?)
Blueberry iMac G3 - 500 MHz, 192 MB, Panther
PowerBook G3 "Lombard" - 400 MHz, 512 MB, Panther
Strawberry iMac G3 - 333 MHz, 160 MB, Mac OS 9.2
PowerMac G3 "Gossamer" tower - 266 MHz, 384 MB, Mac OS 9.2
PowerMac 6500 - 275 MHz, 128 MB, Mac OS 9.2 (qty 3)
PowerBook 3400c - 240 MHz (dead)
PowerMac 6500 - 225 MHz, 64 MB, Mac OS 9.1
Performa 6400 - 200 MHz, 64 MB, Mac OS 9.1
PowerMac 6400 - 180 MHz, 64 MB, Mac OS 9.1
PowerBook 5300ce - 117 MHz, 64 MB, Mac OS 9.1
PowerBook 5300cs - 100 MHz, 40 MB, Mac OS 8.6 (qty 2 + 1 dead)
PowerMac 7200 - 90 MHz - 32 MB - Mac OS 7.6
PowerMac 7100 - 80 MHz - 48 MB - Mac OS 7.5.5
PowerMac 7200 - 75 MHz - 32 MB - Mac OS 7.6 (qty 2)
Performa 6214 - 75 MHz - 32 MB - Mac OS 7.6
Performa 6115 - 60 MHz - 32 MB - Mac OS 7.5.5 (qty 2)
PowerMac 6100 - 60 MHz - 32 MB - Mac OS 7.5.5
Performa 630 - 33 MHz - 32 MB - Mac OS 7.5.5
Macintosh LC III - 25 MHz, 36 MB, Mac OS 7.5.5 (qty 4)
Macintosh IIci - 32 MHz, 36 MB, Mac OS 7.5.5
Macintosh Classic II - 16 MHz, 10 MB, Mac OS 7 (qty 2)
Macintosh SE - 8 MHz, 4 MB, Mac OS 6.0.8 (qty 2)
Apple IIgs - 2 MHz, 128 KB
Apple IIe - 1 MHz, 64 KB (qty 2)
iPod 3G - 40 GB
AirPort Extreme Base Station
Personal LaserWriter NTR (need drivers)
5 spare logic boards from Performa 5xxx and PowerMac 5xxx series
scads of USB and ADB Apple mice & keyboards

custom desktop PC - 1.3 GHz, 512 MB, Windows XP
Compaq Presario - 400 MHz (in progress)
HP Pavillion - 400 MHz (in progress, qty 3)
HP Pavillion - 200 MHz, 128 MB, Windows 98
custom desktop PC - 100 MHz, 64 MB, Windows 95
custom desktop PC - 25 MHz, 8 MB, Windows 3.11
PalmOne Zire 31 handheld (wife's handheld)

Over time, I've probably owned another 20 or so, including some 68K Macs, two Blueberry iBooks, two PowerMac G4s, three Bondi Blue iMacs, a Graphite iMac, and a Tandy 1000 POS. These have all since been sold, traded, or (in the case of the Tandy) chucked.

Last year I parted out about 15 different computers (mostly PCs and 5x00 all-in-ones) 'cause I just didn't have the space anymore.

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Too Many 'Puters

Over the years, I've had way too many machines. We'll go with everything since 1993 (everything's kinda fuzzy before then)

custom desktop pc - amd 386dx 40mhz (it flew like the wind)
Amiga 1000
Amiga 500
Mac Plus (bought with SE, Classic, and Lisa at Salvation Army in '95 for $60 total)
Mac SE
Mac Classic
Apple Lisa
custom desktop pc - amd 5x86 133mhz (technically a 486, but 5x86 sounded more like a pentium)
Macintosh IIcx (had it for a month before trading it on the next great thing)
PowerBook 180 (the machine the started my PowerBook voyage)
Duo 230 (with full and floppy dock - kinda neat)
IIsi (bought with the Duo 230 in VA while moving to FL)
Quadra 610 (bought to run OS Dirol
Power Mac 7200/90
Power Mac 6100/60 (3x - bought and resold within 4-6 weeks)
PowerBook 180c (not as good as the greyscale 180)
PowerBook 1400c/166 (got as a high school graduation gift in 2000)
Umax S900L w/ G3 card (quite possibly one of the best Macs ever!)
iMac 233 (bondi - this unit has been all over the USA - different family members have had it from time to time - my younger sister has it atm)
custom PC - AMD Athlon 750mhz (ran 2k Pro on it, ended up selling it for more than I paid for it six months later)
iBook (Dual USB) 500 mhz (my first brand new mac)
PowerBook G4 12" 867 mhz (my second brand new mac)
Power Mac G3 Beige - 233 upgraded to 350 with rage 128 video card - snappy
iBook G4 1.0 ghz 12" (had it for two weeks before reselling)
iBook G4 1.2 ghz 12" (had it for a few months before I outgrew the screen)
iMac DV 400 (summer 2000) - (used it for a few months, just retired it, sending it to my younger sister to replace the bondi)
Power Mac G3 Blue & White 350 - this was my server at home, retired it and sold it
PowerBook G4 15" 1.5 ghz - my current PB. I'll probably go for a 17" of the intel variety when it's time to upgrade (probably in 07/08)
Dell Optiplex PII 266 - sitting waiting for me to play with it

my fiancee's computers
iMac DV - got it for her as a gift last christmas - her first mac
iBook - can't remember which one - she uses it and loves it
eMachines tower - it sits and collects dust since she got the iBook

As for computers I've had at work

iMac 233 bondi (at a small market research firm
Power Mac G3 233 beige (I later bought this machine for sentimental reasons when it was retired)
various Dell Optiplexes (AOL)
various HP/Compaq boxes (Verizon)
iMac Graphite 600 mhz (recently retired)
Power Mac G4 QuickSilver (current filemaker and image box in my office, though the bulk of my work is done on my PB)

- iantm

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my first one was

my first apple was a proforma 200 that i call the "tea kettle" it make a wilsle soune my 2 apple was a powerbook g3 wallstreet and it runs mac os x 10.2 and my 3 apple is a ibook clamshell that runs 9.2.1
and i own a pc.i use the powrebook when i go somewere and need music
and the ibook to write thing on and some music.

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Apples I have owned: Apple

Apples I have owned:

Apple //e Unenhanced
Apple //e Platinum
Apple //c+
Apple //GS Rom 0 upgraded to Rom 01 Woz Ed..

Laser 128EX

Powermac 5500
Powermac G3 B&W

Non Apple Computers:

Epson QX10 (CP/M)
AT&T 6300+ (IBM Clone)
IBM PC (Original)
Various 386/486/pentiums
Athlon 2700+
Athlon XP 3200+

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I have alot of computers. Th

I have alot of computers. The problem is I don't use all of them. I would like to have the new g5 though!

P.S Great fourm topic.

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Too Damn Many ! That's for su

Too Damn Many ! That's for sure.....

But only 2 Windoze machines. One eMachine when they first came out and a Packard bell PMMX I have now I got at a garage sale a while back for $10.00

I've had about 50 or so Macs and Clones. I've managed to thin the herd down to about 15 Macs and about 10 clones. Of those I actually use my G4 PB, G3 Clamshell and my G3 PowerTower Pro. The GF uses my Smurf 450MHz G3 so I guess it's not really mine anymore......

And 3 Macs enroute too....
Another Smurf G3, A 1400c w/G3 and a 6360 I plan on putting a 275MHz 6500 board into.

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My computer history...

Here's my 2 pence... Smile

Apple IIe
Apple II Bell & Howell
Mac 128, 512e and SE FDHD
Mac Lisa/XL
Mac Classic and Classic II
Mac II/IIx/IIfx
Mac Color Classic TAKKYfied G3/300 (Still own)
Quadra 605 with Daystar Digital 66Mhz upgrade
PowerMac 8100
PowerMac 7200
PowerMac 7500 with G3/300 (Still own - test machine)
PowerMac 8600
PowerMac 9600 with G3/300 (Still own - test machine)
PowerMac G3 B&W
PowerMac G4 AGP G4/500 (Still own - test machine)
PowerMac G4 Digital Audio (Current main system)
Dell Latitude Laptop used for business trips

Not to mension the numerous other Macs that were technically mine but were slated for parting out.


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Almost Too Many to Count, but...

Limiting myself to PCs (no iPods or other appliances), and limiting myself to fully working units, the total number of computers I've owned, to the best of my recollection, is 75:

- One iMac G5/1.8 17"
- One iMac G4/800 15"
- Ten Color Classics (4 stock, 4 Mystic, 4 Takky)
- Four Quadra 700s
- One Mac IIsi
- One Mac IIci
- Three Power Mac 7100s
- Six LCIIs
- Three LCIIIs
- One LCIII+
- Two Performa 6214s
- Two Performa 6360s
- Two Power Mac 7300s
- One Power Mac 7600
- One Power Mac 8100
- One Performa 640CD/DOS
- Two Performa/Power Mac 6400s
- One iBook G3/500
- One Powerbook 2400c/180
- One Powerbook 180
- One Powerbook 150
- One Atari 800XL
- Three SE/30s
- One LC575
- One Performa 580CD
- Two eMate 300s
- Four Quadra 605s
- One Quadra 650
- Two Quadra 610s (one a DOS model)
- One Centris 610
- One Workgroup Server 95
- Two IIvx's
- One Mac II
- Two LC475s
- One Quadra 630
- Four Power Mac 6100s (three DOS models)
- One Performa 6115

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Very small collection, due to

Very small collection, due to parental approval factor (PAF).

I currently own:
iMac G4 (1GHz 15" AP)
Daystar Genesis MP 528 (Darn thing doesn't work though)
Performa 6300
LC 475
Mac IIfx (bad motherboard - boots, but no mouse movement)
Powerbook 100 (4/40, with ext. FD)
Apple Settop Box (build 3 - based off 475)
Color Stylewriter 2400

Previously owned-
2x iMac G3 - one died, other sold
LC 520 - given to a friend earlier - hes a collector too.
PM 5260 - maybe my favorite machine to date.
LC 575 - first Mac, bought used.


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Re: Owned or loved?

Owned or loved?

Hey now, let's keep it family oriented!


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