How Many Computers have you owned

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How Many Computers have you owned

My First Mac well the families buisness computer Mac SE 2MB 20MB HD- I still have it, i wont let it die, I learned on it and it started my obsession with macs
2nd Family Puter Performa 400 4MB 80MB HD- My sis killed it when she poured pop in it
3rd Fam Puter Mac SE SuperDrive 4MB 40MB HD. Bought to replace aging SE- Still has it sans original keyboard, my dad being a writer liked to destroy keyboards
4th Fam Puter Performa 6400/180 48MB 1.6GB-- Still in use today for scanning system
5th Fam Puter. iMac DV 400MHZ 256MB 13GB os 9.0. My mom refuses to upgrade to panther.
During Highschool i had these that were my own
Acer 386SX 16 4MB ram 80MB HD Windows 95 LOL
486 DX 33 8MB RAM 210MB HD Windows 95
Performa 631CD. Got this after grams got a peecee
Power Macintosh 6100/66 Dos Compatible. sold it off but was a great system
Pentium 75 32MB RAM 1.7GB Windows 98 and 33.6 Modem, Also RedHat Linux 5.2
200mhz Cheapo windoze system 64MB RAM 2GB Windows 98

Then an iMac DV + 450MHZ Indigo. Lightening got it so its no longer with me. well the shell is
Now im stuck on my G3 266 which i got from a local yard sale. has been modded of course and stuff. Running Panther really nicely. As for my SE, I still use it today. My dad started his buisness on it a snowmobile racing performance magazine and its rightful place belongs in the Snowmobile Hall of fame right next to his first issue.

If its in the hall of fame it will be safe and its legend will continue on lol

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Does the washing machine coun

Does the washing machine count?

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How many? Well, first I guess

How many? Well, first I guess that depends on the definition of a modern computer. Second, my response would be biast as I had a workbench in the only part of the computer-filled garage, the legs of which were made out of 32 IIci's from a failed beowulf project. But all told...

86(?) Macintosh Desktops, reflecting almost one of every Macintosh including the Color Classic II (jp), SE/30 with Micron Xceed, 5500 black-case, and Apple Network Server 700. I got a bunch of LC's and 520's from an elementary school for free. I do not count them as the original LC's were abominable POS's (sorry LC fans). Not as bad as a 6200, though.

1 AVID Media-100 system, Power Macintosh 9600-based

12 UNIX workstations- 4 SGI, 4 DEC, 2 SUN, 1 HPUX, 1 NeXT

30ish PC's from a 486 to the current Dell Optiplex P4 2.4- I know I've owned at least 20, but many of them were not remarkable enough to remember.

5 "other"- Atari, C64, 33 Mhz Amiga Videotoaster box, SPARC tadpole, BeBox 2x133

34 laptops, never that many at any given time, but ranging from Outbound 68000 to Powerbook G4, from 286 to Dell 600m. My favorite was the clear-cased tech demo 540c with PPC100 chip. I actually paid somethign like 400 bucks for that thing, and the G4 titanium had already been released. Priorities, priorities.

Lots of palms, but I bought a box of something like 100 of them at an auction so they dont really count.

Before you rightfully tell me I am a dolt for having collected so many computers, let me first defend myself by explaining that in New Mexico, the large ammount of government labs (Sandia, Los Alamos, etc) trash their Macs to auction houses and goodwill every month for something like a dollar a computer. I bought my ANS 700 for 20 bucks. Gotta love federal waste.

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There was the TI 99-4A... had

There was the TI 99-4A... had an original black and aluminum case and had an all white platic case. These machines included the hard drive (a big 'ole box about 3' x1' x 1'), the speech modulator, and a whole host of games.

Then there was the the 8088 and a couple of IBM clones and a few no-name laptop/portables. But that was the mid eigthies...

There was the gratuitous Acer 386, which was there for college, but I spent most of my time in the science labs on the 8600 and the 9600.

After graduation, I inherited my wife's HP, which lasted less than a year when I went out and bought a Wintel box and used that.

About a year later, I sold that and I joined the craze and got my Bondi iMac despite the objections of my co-workers (we all did mainframe work and used PCs for everything else). Since then, I have added an original iBook and a flat panel iMac (the last 15" model made that included the Superdrive - right before the 17"ers came out.

I have also picked up a crappy little Dell for me to 'play' with and later canabalize. I also just bought a Mac Q950.

I plan to pick up a few 8600s later this years.


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Well, guess my first computer

Well, guess my first computer was a Performa 630CD with 15" Apple Performa Display, a ScanMaker II and a external 1GB Drive, Philips CD-Writer and a SyQuest 270MB Drive. Had lots of fun with it...
Next one was a PPC6500/275 which i got a few weeks after its release and man it was sooo expensive at that time... I had a couple of other Macs like a PPC7100, a Quadra 700, a PPC8200, Performa 5200, Powerbook Duo 230, Newton OMP, old Pentium II 300 and hell know what else, but they're all gone now. Sold them all...
Right now there's a Performa 5400 Black Edition, the good ol' 6500, a G4 Quicksilver, a AthlonXP 2200+, Powerbook Duo 270c, eMate 300 and two Newtons (OMP and 2100) in my office and it all works fine. just working on a bluetooth connection between my G4 and the Newtons/eMate...
Ah yes, and there are also quite a lot of other Macs in my storage room where i keep tons of stuff like several Performas, Quadras, IIci, cases, cards and drives. To be honest i don't really know how much stuff i own. Guess i need to sell a few more things next time to get a lil' space for coming attractions (just got a call this week from a local dealer who offered two fully tuned G3-Towers and lotsa Newton-stuff Acute ).

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Computers I have own(ed)

2ea. Apple IIe
3ea. Apple //e (enhanced)
1ea. Apple //e Platinum
1ea. Apple //c complete setup incl. monitor
1ea. Mac 512k Mac-in-a-box
1ea. Mac 1meg Mac-in-a-box
2ea. Mac outboard SCSI 20 meg HD drives
Several boxes of vintage Apple parts such as controllers, printer
cards, disk drives, memory add-on cards, etc.
6ea. Apple green monitors
Several boxes of Apple and Mac software.
2ea. Leading Edge Model D 8088 w/daughterboard enhancement and
all accessories matching
1ea. Olivetti 8086 w/proprietary hi-res monitor and graphics system
1ea. Generic 266mhz Pentium PC w/128 meg RAM(homebuilt)
1ea. Gateway 1.5ghz Athlon PC with 21"monitor, 640 meg RAM, scanner,
printer, the works.
1ea. Dell Latitude 266mhz Pentium II MMX laptop 64 meg RAM, modem,
CD drive.
Several Printers.
Several MOBO's and parts to make more PCs.
Software up the Wazoo! From DOS 2.1 and Windows 1.1 (Yup! I've got
a set of FACTORY DISKS and they WORK!)all the way to Windows XP
Professional Edition.
Games up the Wazoo! Everything from Frogger in DOS thru Quake III

Everything I got works, no junk. Play with all of it all the time!

Along the way I have had, but got rid of a few Zenith 286's,
Amdek monitors, IBM PC's (all of the first generation models),
and even a Heathkit. Also had a Radio Shack Tandy Model III with
a matching line printer and original software. Still have the soft-

And in keeping with the parameters of this particular thread,

I also have a couple of motorcycles (HD and Kawasaki),
a couple of boats (22ft and 14 ft), a TON of antique electric
trains, and a bunch of antique toys. I believe in having fun!

I did have to give up my 1966 Mustang when I moved, though,
no garage at the new place, so I gave it to my nephew.

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I'll not go into the full lis

I'll not go into the full list, as a good part of the Mac list is in my .sig already. The total list of my machines is somewhere north of 50, and quite possibly over 100 that I currently share residence with. There's 17 in the living room with me as I type this, though I had cleaned all but 5 out less than a month ago (iBook 600, iMac 350, Mac 512K, Mac Plus, Gateway Celery stick)... most of the others are recent purchases from S.E. at a total of about $60. A Sun SPARCclassic, SPARCstation 5, another Q605, 6 or so Toshiba Satellites, then another Gateway I need to get fixed for a friend...

Luckily I have a very loving and forgiving wife.

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Computers I Have Owned and/or thrown out...

1. Sinclair ZX Spectrum - thrown out before they became a collectors item Sad
2. IBM PS/2, Spec unknown, Win 3.0 - thrown out, replaced by new IBM
4. IBM, Unknown model, 486 25Mhz, 120Mb HD, 32Mb Ram, Win 3.11 - thrown out, no longer used
5. Gateway 2000, DX2-66, 2x 500Mb HD, 32Mb Ram, Win 3.11 - thrown out, no longer used
6. Patriot, Celeron 500Mhz, 7Gb HD, 128Mb Ram, Win 98SE - thrown out after blown PSU, CPU and mobo.
7. HP 712/100 Workstation, 1.1Gb, 64Mb Ram, NeXTStep 3.3 - given away
8. Apple Workgroup Server 7250/120, 2x 2Gb, 320Mb Ram, G3/400 Upgrade, OS 9.1 - Resides at work for testing
9. Apple 6400/275, 40Gb, 64Mb Ram, OS 9.1 - Now used by my Sister
10. Powerbook Duo 210, 40Mb, 8Mb Ram, OS 7.6.1 - thrown out, wasn't being used
11. Powerbook Duo 270c, 40Mb, 12Mb Ram, OS 7.6.1 - thrown out, wasn't being used
12. Powerbook Duo 280c, 80Mb, 24Mb Ram, OS 8.1 - Not in use, will become picture frame
13. iMac G3 DV400, 140Gb, 1Gb Ram, OS 10.3.4 - My first Mac, Now used by my Mom
14. PowerMac G4 2x867Mhz, total 540Gb, 2Gb Ram, OS 10.3.4 - My primary machine
15. PowerBook G4 1.25Ghz, 60Gb, 512Mb Ram, OS 10.3.4 - My primary laptop
16. Cobalt RaQ, 10Gb, 64Mb - Resides at work for testing

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Oh gosh... I can't beat Jon (

Oh gosh... I can't beat Jon (I've helped him move a lot of his stuff before...)

Currently I posess:

2 Mac SE/30's
1 Mac Classic
1 Apple Server 80
2 PPC 6500's
1 PPC 7100/AV With the G3 Upgrade
1.5 G3 Powerbooks (Wallstreet editions, One whole one and lots of parts)
1 Performa 550

Misc Stuff:
My first computer: Timex Sinclair 1000
IBM RS/6000 Model 250
NetScreen-5XP firewall
A Procom CDForce Tower with on-board computer removed, powered by a dual-SCSI Axis StorPoint embedded server. This beast is a 2'x2'x3' or so box, capable of holding 16 5.25 drives and a proprietary ATX motherboard with a riser for SCSI cards. I have it packed with CD-ROM, Slot-Load DVD-ROM and Hard drives to archive up to 50GB of data and still make it appear on the network. The Axis StorPoint places each CD, or archived CD, out on the network as a share resource. Works over AFP/TCP, NFS, Novell, FTP, HTTP, and SMB (network neighborhood)

My first Real PDA: Tandy Zoomer Z-PDA
Audiovox Thera (which is also my current cellphone)
HP 300LX
HP 320LX
Handspring Visor 2MB

My first PC: Leading Edge 8088
9 machines ranging from 286-486 (Includes our 386 that replaced the 8088, which is still running and monitoring my parents network with an uptime over 1000 days)
1 All-in-one IBM PS/2 with a built-in CGA monitor.
3 Pentium 90's
4 Pentium 133's
1 Pentium 233 MMX (My wife's main machine)
1 Network General Sniffer Server, which also has a 233 MMX processor and TONS of network interfaces. My test box.
1 AMD K6-2 400. The fastest PC I actually own.

PC Laptops:
2 NEC Versa 4050C's (Pentium 90). One of them is my OpenBSD wardriving workhorse
1 NEC Ready 120LT Subnotebook (Out of commission: Bad I/O Board, 233MHz MediaGX)
1 NEC Versa 550D (Out of commission: bad power board, Cyrix 5x86 100)
1 Zenith Data Systems SuperSport (8086 w/ 8087 MathCO upgrade, click link for info and pics: )

That's 40+. Creepy.

Then there's probably 15 or more that I've thrown out or given away to people who really needed a computer badly.

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WOW! Leading Edge!

I thought I bought the only one on the planet for
a while. The base I worked at had a couple which
we inherited at the FD briefly. I still have the
one I first bought. It is still working and I store
some small .gif files on it and do some writing on
it once in a while. It has some features that made
it slightly ahead of its time. (variable speed set-
tings, math-co-processor, upgradeable motherboard,
etc.) Right now I have a 40MB HardCard on board, a
3 1/2" FD, a 5 1/4" FD, a 2MB Expanded/Extended RAM
card, math co-processor was working but died (where
can one locate a 8087-1? The 8087-2's are everywhere),
2MB VGA card, mouse, VGA monitor (multi-sync), plus
my LE came with a factory AT keyboard vs the old PC
type keyboard. I do have an old first-generation
Symphony Sound Card but haven't gotten around to in-
stalling it. I'm running DOS 6.2 and a desktop system
that looks/acts like a Windows GUI. Still keep it
around to remind me of the "good old days".

Once upon a time there was a "Leading Edge" web page,
but I can't find it anymore. Actually there was also
an unofficial page as well, but it too is gone?

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Leading Edge

I used to have a 30MB MFM HIDEDRIVE Hardcard in mine as well, but it crashed ages ago. We also upgraded the memory from 512 to 640, and ours was variable speed too. An excellent system, and lasted us into the mid 90's and became my personal computer for BBSing and writing papers. I still have the original orange-screen monitor (and hercules card), as well as a few OKIDATA Microline 182+ Printers, one of which we bought with the 'Edge.

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I just saw some L.E. machines

I just saw some L.E. machines at Surplus the other day. A 6800 desktop, and a laptop of some model like 9300. I knew nothing about them except thay are PC clones... Sad

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Well I'll try to make a list

Well I'll try to make a list of mine let's see (don't remember clearly I'll try to write the CPU's only):
- A Pravetz 16 (ibm pc clone of my parents )
- A XT (I took it from my mother's office when I was 10)
- 286
- A AST 90Mhz
- 200Mhz Pentium
- 266Mhz Pentium MMX
- Celeron 333 Mhz
- Mitsubishi Apricot with pentium 200Mhz
- Toshiba T1200 (my first laptop)
- Pentium II 366Mhz
- Celeron 433Mhz
- Back to Celeron 333 for a while
- Another Celeron ,but this time 500Mhz i810 chipset MB
- Chicony Notebook 100Mhz (first color model)
- I broke the Chicony and make a deal - the parts of it for an
Acer 760i laptop
- A Compaq Contura 3/25 laptop
- A Compaq LTE 286 laptop
-Another Compaq LTE 286 (gift from a french fried ,I sent him Pravetz 82)
- Two LTE's broken bought a IBM Thinkpad 760CD
- My current computers are :
1. Duron 700Mhz 128Mb RAM
2. Athlon 2000+ 256 Ram
3. the thinkpad
Well I think that's all I don't count the upgrades for a new computer so I didn't written I .
Whoa I'm only 16 what would you say for those changes ,huh?
21 ,not bad.

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Packerd Bell 486ThinkPad 48

Packerd Bell 486
ThinkPad 486-75
Packerd Bell 386
Mac LC
PM 5500cd
PB 5300
No name Pentium-233
No name 586-200
PM 7200
SE/30 2 of them
Palm M100
2 compaq 486
3 AST 486
Old 486-33 laptop
HP Pavilion Celeron-400
Palm M105
UMax Pentium-200 Laptop
Palm M515
PB 3400

Quite A collection considering i am not out of HS Biggrin

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Dunno . . .

. . . an'I don'wanna even THINK about how many I currently own.

jt Beee

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lost count years ago

In a word...lots.

Over the years I've collected and purged many computers, sometimes because I was moving, sometimes because I ran out of room.

In stock currently, I estimate around 28, give or take a couple, including notebooks and PCs.

Favoured peripherals are my LW 16/600, and the recently acquired Epson Expression 836XL tabloid-size scanner with transparency adapter.:O

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a *lot*

a *lot*

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More Than I Should Have

When your garage is half full of machines and you can't remember half of them when someone asks you "What computers have you owned?" then you have too many. Blum 3

I took about 12 to our local e-cycle day. Don't despair, they were all dead noname 8086/286 machines that had long since passed away. Their sharp cases and lack lustre hardware (even considering their vintage) will not be missed.

The majority of my collection (I'm most certain...) consists of Macs though.


The Czar

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Hmmm, let's see: -Packard B

Hmmm, let's see:
-Packard Bell 386 running DOS 5.0
-Performa 630 CD
-Powermac 5200
-Sony Vaio PCG-FRV25 (2.66Ghz P4, ATI Radeon, 512Mb RAM, Windows XP & Linux 2.6/2.4 (Knoppix Debian)
-Texas Instruments TI-83+ (8Mhz Z80 (underclocked to 6Mhz by TI)

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L.E. Orange-Screen Monitor


Yup, I still have my orange-screen monitor, too.
Complete with a couple of Hercules cards. The
Leading Edge was ahead of its time because mine
has a dual selectable video out put where you
can connect either a CGA or Mono monitor. If you
wanted to display graphincs you can either use a
Hercules card (and reset some switches on the MOBO)
or a software patch that I got that allows the
stock hardware to display graphics. It is a TSR
program that runs in the background but it was a
memory hog in its day. I used it to display graphics
when I used PrintMaster and other such programs.
This program was not a "driver", it was a seperate
TSR program that could be run from an "autoexec.bat"
file. Still got a ton of this ancient software and
play with it on occasion.

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Got a Lot But...

... trying to pare down a bit.

Like many here, I've had a total over more than 100 Macs come through here over the past few years. Right now my assembled and functioning units include:

(1) 800MHz G4 iMac
(2) PPC Color Classic with G3 card, quadruple boot OS 8.1, OS 8.6, OS 9.1, BeOS Pro 5.0.3
(3) Custom black case PPC Color Classic
(4) Custom black case Quadra 700 with PPC7100 mobo and G3 card
(5) Custom silver case Mystic Color Classic with PPC 601 card
Diablo Quadra 700 with A/UX
(7) Power Mac 7300/180
(8) LCIII (with all original packing, original monitor, peripherals and manuals)
(9) eMate 300

I'm looking to unburden myself of units 6 through 9 over the next few weeks.


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Not in any order:

Dell Dimension 2400 -now thankfully GONE Acute
Compaq Presario 4526 P233MMX, 32MB, 4GB, win95...hell on earth
Mac SE
Mac Classic II
2 x Mac Plus
Mac Colour Classic
Mac IIsi
Mac LC575
Power Mac 6100/66 DOS Compatible
2 x Power Mac 8100/80- DOA
Performa 5400
Power Mac 5500/225
Performa(or PowerMac? I dunno) 6300/120- WORSE than the Compaq in every way!!
Performa 6400/200
Power Mac 6500/300
iMac Bondi 233
iMac Blueberry 333(first night I had it it went to 400MHz- nice)
iMac DV SE 600/Snow - my current full-time worker
eMac 1.25GHz/256MB/80GB/Combo - turned me off Macs until my Dell dies Wink
2 x PowerBook 150- dodgy little buggers, both dead now.
PowerBook 180c- Died in a few days... nice tho
PowerBook 165c- another DOA
PowerBook 1400cs/166/16MB- slow crap
PowerBook 1400cs/133/32MB- faster crap(their cases suck...cracks everywhere)
iBook series 2 Indigo/366/320MB- BEAUTIFUL little machine. Had to lose it to afford the eMac.
Palm Pilot Professional(2MB)
Palm Tungsten E(turned me off Palms for LIFE)
Apple Newton H1000(well original Newton...forget the exact model number)
And I THINK...that's about it.

EDIT Now that the money's rollin' on in we can expect a shipload of new additions... but so far it's nice n mild:

PowerBook 165c(working on arrival, dead 3 hours later)
iMac 333 Tangerine- my beautiful baby, I don't use it for much except music but it gets all the visual hacks and is polished once a week. Wink
Performa 6200/75- was my work computer, but now I've got my 6500/300('Sparky')'s another piece of the Mac totem pole in the garage.

EDIT #2 More stuff...
Another, more not-dead(in fact very reliable) Compaq Presario 4526(233MMX/32/10/CD(D)/CD-RW(E)/Win95)
Compaq Armada 1500c (Cel 400/64/5/CD/WinXP)
Indigo iMac 350(128/6/Puma)
Mac LC630(full 68040-33/64/500MB/2x CD/OS 7.5.5)
Apple Studio Display 17, B&W- almost dead, and not a computer but free and cool despite not being useful Blum 3 so worth mentioning.

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How Many...

The Person Who Dies With the Most Computers Wins.

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Seeking fresh meat?

Given the fact that the reputation of RavenDarkness (aka Steve Landon) has been called into question, I cannot help but wonder if this innocent question has a more sinister motive of identifying who has what in the interest of providing potential future targets in future scams.

But that is my jaded opinion.


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The fine print:

In light of recent events, I have the following announcement to make.

I do not own, nor have any interest in, and of the computers and/or related products in the above post.

I do not have any interest in any trade or sale of any of the aforementioned assets.

In addition, I do not own and/or take responsibility for any material objects with a value of >AU$0.25.

Any persons found attempting to negotiate purchase and/or trade of any property mentioned above, or attempting to initiate a sale of an item to myself or any other AppleFritter members who have posted in this thread, will be shot on site.

Have a nice day.

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The real question...

Given the fact that the reputation of RavenDarkness (aka Steve Landon) has been called into question, I cannot help but wonder if this innocent question has a more sinister motive of identifying who has what in the interest of providing potential future targets in future scams.

Maybe the question should be "How many computers have you stolen?"


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Beeb to G4

I joined the digital age when my family bought a BBC Model B in 1982. 8 bit 6502 with 32k of RAM - feel the power! My old man was a computing professional who used to sit me on his lap at work to play Strek on the mainframe when I was but a wee tacker ... hmm, that explains a lot ...

First pooter of my very own? 6100
First laptop? Duo 280

Machines I have owned with the express purpose of using them myself? Those two, a Duo 2300, a Powerbook 1400 and the beige G3/G4 which is my current everyday work machine. There's a B&W motherboard floating around waiting for a case, PS and video card. And an AMD K6-II 350 PC which I found in the street.

Machines I have collected to rebuild, sell, hack, someone gave to me or because it seemed like a good idea at the time? AAAAAArrrrrrrggghhhh ....

Around 50 Macs from 128s to 9600s, PB 540, 180, a few more Duos, docks and floppies, a few 6100s for hack projects, another beige motherboard/CPU/PERCH set, a few Power Computing clones, an Atari 520, an Amstrad Notepad (like the better-known Tandy 100 notepad but with BBC Basic in ROM), an Amstrad 464, a few crappy PCs, Toshiba 286 and 386 laptops, a Toshie 440CDX short a CMOS battery, a ZX-81, a broken Vectrex ...

All safely tucked away below the equator where you northerners will never find them

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Here's what I currently have.

Here's what I currently have. If I tried to list everything I've ever had, I'd probably forget something.

9 B&W G3 Towers (Yosemite)
4 Rev. D iMacs (Tray-Loader)
3 Beige G3 All-In-One's
1 iMac 350 (Slot-Loader)
1 Powermac 9600
1 HP Pavilion 4445 (366 Celeron, 128Mb, 6Gb)
1 eMac (April '04) 1.25Ghz/512Mb/Combo

Up to this point, all the machines are in working order. Then I have

1 Powermac 5500/225 (Needs RAM)
1 Performa 578 (Needs HD to run, various plastic bezels to look good)
1 Powermac 6100 (Needs trip to the dumpster)
1 Powermac 7200 (Needs PS, RAM, and HD)

I just recently threw away a Powermac 5200 and 3 broken VGA monitors.

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My Stuffs

From 1996-ish to now:

Mac Plus (4/60 external)
Mac IIsi (17/80)
Centris 610 (24/515/CD-ROM that I added myself)
PowerBook 5300c
PowerBook 170
PowerBook 1400si (thanks to Wallstreet!)
PowerMac 7200/120 (32/2GB/CD)
iBook 500 (576/40/CD)
Power Mac 8500/233
Umax SuperMac C500
2 PowerMac 5200s
iBook 300 (160/10/blueberry)
iMac 233
Beige G3 333 (now dead)
iBook G4 800 (640/30/Combo)

And now... the stuff below is what I currently have in my possession...

PowerBook G4 12" 1 GHz (768/40/Combo/BT)
8 Blue G3s ranging in specs
5 strawberry iMacs - about to be sold
1 blueberry iMac 350
Dell OptiPlex GX110 (low-profile)
Compaq Presario 5BW130

All of my Macs run Panther, the two PCs run Windows XP Pro.

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~111 right now, ~150 incl. those departed

My best guesses, I'm sure I've overlooked a few! Most are not what I'd call museum pieces. I tend to acquire junkers and fix 'em up rather than fork over real money. LOL, however I probably spend just as much fixing the damn things as had just spent the dough for decent examples to begin with.

A current list is here:

dan k

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Re: The real question...

Given the fact that the reputation of RavenDarkness (aka Steve Landon) has been called into question, I cannot help but wonder if this innocent question has a more sinister motive of identifying who has what in the interest of providing potential future targets in future scams.

Maybe the question should be "How many computers have you stolen?"


Let's keep it on topic, folks.

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weeelll, not being a /hacker/ that long *i'm STILL learning*i haent had that many box's but..


Commodor 64 *dunno the specs, sold it looong ago...*
Apple II *green screen and bicycle game!!!* (i was scared of it for a while)
Quantex 133 mhz, 64MB ram, 1GB hdd, and to top it off....win95..ouch. (mobo got fried due to lightning...)

then i got bigger...
home-grown box, 667 VIA Saumel Processor, 128 MB ram, 20 GB hdd, Win XP Pro

and my current rig *my baby..*(aka chipmunk)
AMD XP 2500+ (at 1.89 GhZ), 256 MB RAM *soon to upgrade to 1gig when the money comes..) 40 gig and a 5 gig hdd, a 8mb nvidia TNT 2 video card...basic 16bit sound blaster card..v.92 modem...and my 21" XTreme Flat Silver/Black monitor to match my case *and a 52x cd burner, which for some reason, wont burn CD/RW's...dunno why, but it supports packet writing so i dont care..

IBM 760E *needs work..* 166Mhz, 64 MB ram, win 98SE (and Selecta-Dock II)
Apple PowerBook 150, *still good for parts....and that's 'bout it..*

Cassiopia *somthin or other* 8MB organizer, i loved it, it even had solitare, and grafiti *dir. on screen to scribble notes..*
then i killed it at work, pulled it outta my pocked *i'd been moving furniture* and the screen was wrecked to Heck and back..unfixable, had to trash it

now i have a rinky-dink piece of crap...i think it's Sharp....anyways, i'm lookin for a nice Palm VII tha's in working order, or 'nother cassiopia, i loved that thing...

*and my cell...if that counts...I like it too, Nokia 3390 monochrome, clear case, green lights, what's not to love? *but i still sound like im in a well when i use it....dunno why...*

and that's my itty-bitty list

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My computers

The ones that I have owned are:

Apple IIe with 2 Disk II ext drives
Apple //c with 1 Disk //c ext drive
Macintosh 512k with 1 440K ext drive
Pentium II 266mhz Homebuilt PC with 5 1/4, 3 1/2, and 48x CD drives
Dell Latitude Pentium II laptop PC with 3 1/2 and CD drives

The accessories I have are:

Green Monitor II for Apple IIe
Apple Dot Matrix printer for the Apple IIe
Green Monitor //c or the Apple //c
Model M0100 mouse for the Apple //c
Panasonic XP-1180 printer for the PC
Multi-Sync monitor for the PC
Microsoft ergonomic keyboard with touchpad for the PC
The usual peripheral cards and such for the PC

Fair amount of software for the Apples and Mac.
MicroSoft Office Suite for the PC.
Several Games for the PC.

Not exactly cutting edge, but it's all I can do on a budget and they work fine for what I use them for.

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Let's see....

First computer:
- ColecoVision Adam - the one that attached to the ColecoVision - egad was that thing big. Also had a spare printer power supply for it.

First decent computer:
- Commodore C128D with 1084S monitor - oh to program in color! Smile

First PC:
- Tandy 1000EX with 256k RAM. Multi-card add-on with extra 128k: $150. Additional 256k: $150. Serial card: $99. Those were the days.... Smile

First Mac:
- Mac Classic bought from a fellow poster on the Obsolete Computer Helpline around 1996-1997. Quickly upgraded to a Centris 610.

Current menagerie:
- G3 AIO
- Beige G3 in a hacked ATX case
- Dead Beige G3 DT
- 6100/66 with G3/240
- 7100/80 (needs HD/CDROM)
- 8600/200 with PC Compatiblity Card
- 9500/132 (bad logic board - anyone want the PS before it is disposed of?)
- 7300/7600/8500 hybrid
- Quadra 605
- Quantex P3/450 with Voodoo3 3500TV and Win98 (still has original HD restore image)
- HP Pavilion 6703 - Celeron 600mhz
- Digital Prioris quad PPro 200mhz server
- Compaq Presario in generic ATX case
- AMD K6-2 525mhz with Voodoo2/12MB in generic AT case
- Compaq Presario 1245 laptop - K6-2 333mhz, no L2 cache
- Self-built Athlon 2200 - 384MB RAM, Radeon 7500/64MB, 2x20GB HD, TV card, DVD+/-RW, 52X CDROM, Jaz 1GB running XP SP2, with OS/2 Warp v4 under Virtual PC.
- Self-built Athlon 1800 - 256MB, 40GB HD, 48X CD-RW for my wife.

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Apple IIGS*
Apple IIE*
PowerMac 7100*
Performa 410*
Performa 400*
PowerMac G3
Dell Latitude 410*
PowerTower 250*
PowerBook G4
NEC PowerMate 200
PowerTower 400
PowerTower 250
Performa 6400*
Beige G3
PFL "PC's For Less" Pentium II/450

* Disposed Of

Current Computer?
Power Mac G3 Beige

16 (total)
Not too bad considering I'm in junior high

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Quite a bit, actually...

I have had,

3 Apple //e's
1 Apple //+
1 Apple //c
1 Macintosh SE/30*
1 PowerComputing PowerBase 200*
1 LC 630 Dos*,** Now "Sony Server 630"
3 PM 7200 **
1 iBook G3 900MHz*
1 iBook G3 Blueberry **
1 Amiga (had only for 3 days, found out was broken when booted)
1 Stackable PC (had 3 parts, CPU, 5.25" diskette Drive, Video card, The stackable parts were each the height of a 6100
1 PM 7100
1 Performa 450
1 Centris 610
1 iMac G4*
1 PM 8100
1 iMac DV 400Mhz
1 Pismo*
1 PC compatibility Card*
1 Dell Latitude XPi CD*, **
1 Panasonic 8086 (booted off of an internal 256K rom w/ dos 3.2
1 PM 5400 (back blew out of it with a spectacular show [set curtains on fire {smoldering} ] )
1 Dell Latitude Xpi*,**
1 Homebrew Pentium 133 PeeCee**
1 Homebrew Pentium 166 (gateway 2000 board with external boot BIOS card (wiped the internal BIOS [oops!] no internet at time) **
1 Dos compatibility Card (486 from LC 630 [now sony server])*
1 eMachine eTower PIII 850MHz
1 IBM Server NetVista PIII 850MHz*,**
1 Homebrew AMD 3200*,**
1 PB 170
1 PB 190
1 PB Duo 2300c
1 PB 230
1 PB 280
1 PB 540 PPC, (Boy, that one was hard to get) **
That's It, I think....
*= Still Owned
**= Modded

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performa 640cd dos compatible

performa 640cd dos compatible
2x powermac 6100/60
workgroupserver 7350/180
emate 300
imac dv+
3x powerbook g3 233
powerbook 5300c
powerbook 165
powerbook g4 12''
4x generic 486/p1
at&t globalyst 630
dell latitude xpi cd
dell dimensions 4300
dell inspiron 3500
canon jetwriter
hmm i think thats all

powermac g4 digital audio
b&w g3
2x strawberry trayload imacs
indigo imac
powerbook 180c
2x dualusb ibooks

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In chronological order:
1 generic 386/25, can't remember the specs, was decommissioned when the video card broke (was back in 2000, I didn't have any replacements)
1 HP Pavilion 7840, upgraded with more RAM, GeForce4 MX440, DVD drive, Creative SBLive! digital, and several 'little things' that need no mention (still my main machine)
1 LC III, 16MB RAM, large (can't remember the exact size) HDD (broke it doing a hardware hack)
1 Duo 210, all-stock (broken LCD, later lost its magic smoke in its dock)
1 Pentium 90, 32MB RAM, 2x1.2GB HDDs (lost its magic smoke)
1 black-cased, microsoft-branded dual-boot (linux and a modified Win2K kernel) P3 system, cleverly disguised as a console (my brother's Xbox)
1 486DX2/66, no HDD, may use as router (currently in storage at a friend's place)
1 Pentium 100, 2GB HDD, sony 200MB Tape drive, CD burner, 5.25 and 3.5 inch floppy drives, all held in a terribly sexy old-school full-tower case (in storage at friend's house, needs new IDE controller)

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too many

too many

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Although it does not really c

Although it does not really count in this day and age, my first computer was a programmable calculator (HP-25) bought in 1977. My first "real" computer was a Mac 128k bought in 1985. Some 30 machines have come into my life since then. In chronological order of acquisition, my machines are:

Mac 128k *
Timex Sinclair -
Mac II *
Cambridge Z88 *
Prolinear Palmtop PC *
Timex Sinclair 1000 -
PowerMac 8100 *-
PowerMac 7500 *
PowerMac 8500 *
Psion 5 *
Pismo *#
PowerMac G4 AGP with 22" Cinema Display *
Psion 5mx *#
PB 190cs
Outbound Notebook
IBM ThinkPad -
Performa 450
DecNote Laptop
Duo 230 & Dock
Quantex PC Laptop
Solbourne S4000 -
Mac IIsi
Mac IIcx
Fujitsu Lifebook
PB 520c
Quadra 630
Beige G3 Desktop
12" G4 PB *#
G5 Dual1.8Ghz with 23" Cinema Display *#

Machines marked with an "*" were bought new whilst the rest were found at various garage sales or scavenged for free. Machines market with a "#" are currently on the active duty roster. Machines marked with a "-" are defunct or gone. None of the PC laptops have ever been on the active duty roster, they only provide once-a-year connectivity to a couple of non-Mac peripherals.

Last seen: 17 years 4 months ago
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Posts: 1 descending order from new to old...

Machines I own/have owned since making the mistake of buying the first one Smile

[*]PowerMacintosh Dual 1.25Ghz (FW800) 2GB/Seagate 4x80GB/Combo/SuperDrive/Hitachi-IBM 60GB FW/AirPort Extreme/BlueTooth/Radeon 9700Pro/23" CinemaHD
[*]Compaq Presario 2145US (Laptop) AthlonXP 2500+/1GB/Hitachi 60GB/Combo Drive/802.11b/RadeonIGP
[*]Soyo KT400-Dragon Ultra/AthlonXP 3000+/1GB/Seagate 2x40GB (RAID-0)/TDK 16x10x40 CDRW/Radeon 9700Pro/NEC MultiSync70
[*]GigaByte GA-7ZX (Rev.1)/Athlon 1400 (ThunderBird)/1GB/Maxtor 2x40GB/TDK 16x10x40 CDRW/8X LG DVDROM/Radeon (Original)
[*]PowerMacintosh G3 400Mhz (Yosemite Rev.2)/1GB/Seagate 40GB/Samsung Combo Drive/ATi Rage (w/DVD Decoder Daughter Card)
[*]Tyan S1696DLUA/2xPentium-II 333Mhz/512MB/Seagate 8x18.2GB UWSCSI/Yamaha 4x4x16 SCSI CDRW/Creative 6X DVD/Matrox G400MAX/NEC MultiSync70
[*]PowerMacintosh G3AIO 266Mhz (Sonnet 1Ghz G4)/512MB/Seagate 80GB/Seagate 40GB/Yamaha 4x4x16 SCSI CDRW/ATi RageII (+4MB)
[*]PowerMacintosh 5500/225 (Sonnet G3 400/1M)/256MB/Seagate 40GB/12X Matshita CDROM/Apple TV/Video System
[*]AMD K62-233 (1MB L2 on Mobo)/128MB/6GB/Matrox G100
[*]AMD i386DX40 (w/80387 MathCo)/32MB/Promise Caching IDE Controller/Quantum 4GB/Conner 2GB/Nakamichi 4x4 CDROM/Western Digital Paradise Video 512kb
[*]Hewlett-Packard 9816/Motorola 68000/1MB/2x720kb MSD/Graphics Plotter/Graphics Tablet/Integrated 9" Monochrome Display

...there have been a few more here and there...but weren't used long enough to be considered more than transient and temporary...

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Right now I have 174 computer

Right now I have 174 computers in my room. Most of them are old Mac models as well as a few others architectures like NeXT, Sun SPARC and DEC Alphas. I have some pictures as well as a complete list here.

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Ooooh, too many. At the momen

Ooooh, too many. At the moment for PCs, I have:
a P4
a Russian P3
2 P2s
2 P1s
a P1 and a PMMX toshiba laptop
a Cyrix and a Cyrix 2
a Dual 486 server
a 286.
For Macs I have:
a G5 DP 2ghz
a (broken) G4 Cube
a G4 PM
(getting it soon) a 12" PB G4
2 G3s.

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Leading Edge Model D , 30 mg hard drive.

Hey Woogie ,I need a little help if you can. I'm trying to locate another L.E. model D from 1989. My motherboard is supposedly shot & I have valuable ( to me) music files on the damn thing and I've been trying for a long time to find another one.I know the longer I go without finding one the bigger the haystack is getting and the smaller the needle is getting.Can you help? Do you know anybody who might have one? I live in Jersey. Thanks, Joe

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Hi axON,I'm looking for a mot

Hi axON,I'm looking for a motherboard or the whole PC for a Leading Edge Model D from 1989, by some chance do you know of anyone who might have one? My email address is Your help would be greatly appreciated. Joe

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five (5)

I, personally, have owned 5 computers, all macs.

• Mac llc - my first computer, started my obsession with the Macintosh, sadly no longer graces the earth, may she rest in peace.

• 1997 Beige G3 MiniTower - Still own it, it's running 10.2. I've done some tinkering with it, but no major hacks (yet!)

• 1999 G3 PowerBook - Still own it, i love it, some battle scars, but still running strong.

• Dual 1.25GHz MDD G4 - the main workhorse in my little armada of macs.

• 17" 1.3GHz PowerBook G4 - a sexy beast!

Other apple hardware includes:
Wireless Kbd and Mouse (for the 17" 'book)
Pro Kbd & Mouse (wired, for the MDD G4)
Ipod (3rd Gen, 20 Gig) w/ Altec Lansing speakers
Other misc. apple bits of kit

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how many

Im including calculators since the ones I used were heavily programmable.
There was a mix of ownership at same time but small amts.

TI58 (calculator) - Still used though rarely
TI86 (calculator) - heavy use
Altair - 2 years
TRS80 - 6 months soley due to bad apple dealer
APPLE I - replaced trs80 due to above dealer was replaced
MAC 512
LISA (though not personally)
TI99 only due to friends need for $$$
AMIGA 3000 (never considered any older amiga worth a hoot except 2000).

MAC Performa 6400 (currently unused) (garage sale for $2)
SONY PC (200mhz) (loaned out permantly). 1st ever ibmcompat owned and 1st ever bought directly retail.

THINKPAD (OLD) laptop (currently permament use by neice)$5 garagesale
(it will go linux if i ever get it back).
HP 9680c (current primary) - 2nd windows pc ever bought.
ETOWER 266is (den pc), garage sale buy.

Near future:
AMD64 primary pc (custom built possible).
And a laptop (type & brand still reviewing).
Possibly mac possibilities being considered.

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I don't think I have ever seen a thread of mine die for such a long to, to only be ressurected a year later..

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too many

too many.

Last seen: 13 years 3 months ago
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Posts: 208
... but while we're at it...

Too freaking many. In somewhat Chronological Order. If I have a page or pics or something of it I'll link it.

Keep in mind that I was given a lot of hand-me-down stuff in my teens and that I have always had and will always like archaic hardware. If I don't have it any more I'll put a - in front of it.

Timex Sinclair 1000 (Late 1982, still works but it's put up)
- Leading Edge 8088 (Mid Late 80s)
Homebrew 386 (early 90's, it's still running FreeBSD at my parents place)
- Homebrew 486 (Mid 90's)
Zenith SuperSport ZWL-184 (8086 Portable)
NEC Versa 550D Laptop
- Homebrew Cyrix 6x86
Compaq Desktop (can't remember model but it came STOCK with an evergreen 486-to-Pentium 83MHz upgrade CPU?)
Gateway 2000 Pentium 90
- Acer Pentium 60 (gave it away a few months ago)
Compudyne Pentium 120
IBM PS/2 All-in-one (8088, used as a dialup BBS Terminal only)
Mac PowerPC 7100 A/V (upgraded with G3/400 card)
Mac PowerPC 6100
HP 300LX Palmtop PC
IBM RS/6000 Model 250
Mac SE/30 (The Blackintosh)
Mac Classic
- Apple Server 80
Network General Distributed Sniffer Server (PentiumMMX/233) - visible in the RS/6000 picture
HP 320LX Palmtop PC
ANOTHER Zenith ZWL-184
Mac Wallstreet
NEC Versa 4050 Laptop (Pentium 90)
Funky CD-Server powered by an Axis StorPoint, in a Procom CD-Force case (with LED effect lighting)
Audiovox Thera PPC/Phone
Homebrew K6-2 400
Dell GX1p Tower (P3/550)
HP Jornada 680e
Compaq 5100 series laptop (P2/300?)
Homebrew Athlon 1200
Sun Ultra 5 (with Cold Cathode Lighting effects)
- Another Sun Ultra 5 (given to a friend)
Another Mac Wallstreet
Rack-Mount 4U server (Originally Pentium 3/550, upgraded to Athlon64/3000+ this week)
Dell Inspiron 1100 Laptop (Celeron 2.3GHz)

I'm probably missing about 4 or 5 random desktops or something in there.

In this room, the following are running. Many others are powered off:

Sniffer server
Athlon 1200
CD-ROM server
Sun Ultra 5
P3/550 (guts from rack mount server in a bland ATX case)
Athlon 64/3000+ Rack Mount
Dell GX1p
2 Wallstreets (one 10.2.8 the other 9.2)
Jornada 680 is charging

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Owned or loved?

Owned or loved?

In an old show from the 70's called "All in the Family,"Archie Bunker once said to his wife (with a burp) after coming out of the john, "Edith, you don't buy beer, you only borrow it." The same might be said for a lot of computers--at least, a lot of the computers I have "owned." They were mostly just passing through.

Is there a record for longest time between resurrections for a thread?

macg4, love that little gif! Did we tell you the name of the game, boy? Welcome to the Machine!


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