My iMac/Q950 project

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My iMac/Q950 project

My new Q950 needs a monitor, I have a dead iMac on hand. AS alluded to in other posts in this forum, I will soon begin a project to convert the iMac into something more usable. This project will have five phases (the latter ones will be discussed later). The first phase of this project is to crack open the case and splice a direct feed into the path for the microphone and speakers. The input will be something drivable by my Q950's native terminals. I will reroute the CRT's DB15 cable to the side of the iMac and change the sex on the plug (or just find an extension that has a male-female vice the standard male-male). This will then be driven directly by the Q950. the second phase invloves adapting the CD ROM and internal HD to work as SCSI devices attached to the Q950. I will also try to hook up the IR port to the serial on the Q950.

I have some ambitious plans for the following phases and will document this all well as I go. I expect that some of these things will not be cut and dry, but that is part of the fun.

No real need to reply to this, I just knew some of you were wondering about the strange line of questions I have been asking recently. Many of the question were geared towards later phases of this project, but none of them are compatible with the Q950.

I just really need a working monitor for the Q and the idea seems doable.