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Radius LCD

I took a chance and bought this a few days ago:


It just shipped today so I don't have it to test out yet. Just wondered if anyone's had any experience with these Radius/KDS screens or LCD's in general. It doesn't sound broken to me - does more than my poor injured (not dead Wink ) Sony.


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That "strange 4 pin connector

That "strange 4 pin connector" that they changed probably carried a seecondary voltage that drove the video input circuitry. FWIW I think Wal-Mart still sells KDS LCD displays... You might be able to see if they still use the same ps, and if a local Walmart might have one left over fom a demo model that a manager might sell you to get it out of the store. Wink

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I'm hoping that connector i

I'm hoping that connector is still in place... The local wal-mart does sell KDS displays and they usually have a "junk" shelf in the electronics department with demos and returns. I'll keep an eye one it.

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Re: That "strange 4 pin connector

Jon wrote:
That "strange 4 pin connector" that they changed probably carried a seecondary voltage that drove the video input circuitry.

That's an opimistic theory, I suppose. The fact that the display shows the self-test graphics and lights up properly sort of argues against iy, unfortunately. The only good reason I can think of to have multiple power feeds to a display would be if there was a seperate line for the backlight inverter. (As it'd be slightly more efficient to feed it a higher voltage then the logic sections.) Since it *does* light up, that theory's out, so... why a seperate supply for the input A-D converters? They're almost certainly on the same logic board as the self-test computer and lcd drivers.

Not saying it's impossible that's what's going on or anything, of course. It'd just... that "strange 4-pin connector" it came with originally very likely could of just been there to ensure the user wouldn't plug the wrong power supply into it and fry it. Manufacturers use funky proprietary connectors for that reason all the time.

(Having witnessed a few devices exploded by the wrong power brick in my time, I have to say it's not a completely stupid thing to do. Even if it does make finding replacements a PitA.)


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It always drives me nuts when

It always drives me nuts when expensive stuff requires a power brick to operate. My 17" Dell LCD monitor needs a brick for power, yet the newer models all have the PSU built-in.

How am I going to keep from losing my power brick? I attached it to the back of my monitor with industrial-strength Velcro. I suggest that when you find the right PSU, you do the same.

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LCD Arrives

Its here and it looks great - well as a piece of "desk art". I haven't tried it out yet because the guy removed the Radius "strange 4-pin" connector and hardwired in a strange, supposedly "standard laptop power connector"...hmmm the power supplies from all my laptops don't fit.

Pics may follow if I open this baby up and need advice on changing it back to the way it should be.

I checked out the local Wal-Mart but no "junk shelf" this time. It must only appear occasionally. They had a KDS monitor but I couldn't get a look at the back of it to see if the still use the same PS.

Since i need the connector for the power supply as well, my best bet now is probably to find a truely broken S-3F.


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