Joe Torzewski

I bought my Apple 1 or as later named the Apple-I computer back in August 1977 and I still have my original Bill of Sale and Money Order Receipt for it. The board was selling for $666.66 retail at the time.

What I am going to do here are list subjects, which will be links to that subject.

The Beginning: Pictures showing all the components needed to get the main board up and running and how it was spread out on my desk.

EPROM Board: The Operating system was very small and limited. I build an EPROM board that plugged into an extension slot, that I added to the main board. I had two EPROM's on the card and a bigger and better monitor system. I wired wrapped the IC sockets.

Adding Memory: The main board came with 4k of Ram with another 4k available for a total of 8k bytes of ram. Just think of it, most PC's today come with 64megs of Ram. To add 16k of ram you had to add two chips to the breadboard area for handling the reading and writing to the new 16k ram chips. Plus you had to run a lot of wires, as you will see. I now had a whopping total of 20k of ram. To add 4k of ram cost and additional $120.00, retail.

Cassette Interface: You used cassette tape to save your programs to tape and then load them back into the computer from your tape. The cassette Interface card plugged into the only slot on the motherboard. The speed of this board was up to 1500 bits per second or in 20 seconds you could read or write 4k bytes to or from a cassette tape. It was selling for $75.00 retail.

6502/6800 CPU's: The Apple 1 computer could be set up to run a 6800 cpu instead of the 6502 cpu.

Finished: Apple 1 computer in its new case.

Printer/Woz: Shows the SWTPC PR-40 printer and postcard from the Woz.