How to load a game?

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How to load a game?

Trying to help someone who just picked up an Apple IIplus. We had first used one back in 80 and now want to relive some of the fun. Some of the fun includes loading Hellfire Warrior again but we do not have the instruction sheet to load it and it's been so long we don't remember eventhough we played it for hours over 20 years ago. Anyone have any ideas? We're trying to remember all of our old apple II commands but we thing this disk does somethign to load on it's own.

Thanks in advance.

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What happens once the disk is in?

On the assumption you may just be getting a prompt, try typing in "cat". If it's ProDOS, then that'll give you a listing of what's on the disk. Type in "Load /diskname/filename" in order to load in the program to the memory.

Just a guess, and it won't work if it's not ProDOS.

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I think this game came out lo

I think this game came out long before proDos. I belive it game out in 80 which I belive predates proDos by awhile so. I'll give CAT a try though. Can't hurt at this point.


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Booting a floppy disk on an Apple ][

Put the disk in the drive, making sure the correct side is face up, and close it. Either turn the power off and on to reboot, or hold down these three keys "open apple", "control", and "reset", the release all but the "open apple" key, and that should reboot the system. Let the drive run (noise, indicator light). If nothing happens after two to three minutes, then your disk is probably corrupted.

You are correct, ProDOS wasn't released until late 1983 (I'm pretty sure), and didn't really catch on until 1984 when it shipped with the computers including the premier of the Apple //c, and Appleworks and Dazzle Draw hit it big.

Good luck.

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Better turn the power off and

Better turn the power off and back on as you don't have an "open Apple" key on a II Plus.

When you turn on the II Plus, the floppy drive should start spinning. It should load a program off the disk automatically. If it doen't stop spinning, the two most likely problems are a bad disk or a dirty head in the floppy drive. The head is best cleaned with a head cleaner disk but if one isn't available isopropyl alchol and a Q-tip will work. You may have to remove the disk drives cover for this,

There's a FAQ at
It deals more with later Apple IIs but there's some usefull information there/\.


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Another "load" command

You may want to type in "LOAD HELLO" and that
might launch at least an opening screen that
will identify the disk by title, etc. The "CATALOG"
command will tell you what is one the disk, as
another has said. You want to look for programs
or files labelled "HELLO" "LAUNCH" or with the
game title itself. You MAY have to use a "BLOAD"
or "BRUN" command. you have the users manual for your Apple
II+? It may be helpful for your problem. Also try
the "Apple ][ Reference Manual" if you can find a

Hope this helps.

(Sorry, I was in a hurry again)

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"CAT" is not a legit command in DOS 3.2 or 3.3


This software is too old for the ProDOS operating system, and "CAT" is not a legitimate command under DOS 3.2 or 3.3. The command "CATALOG" is though.


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Thanks everyone for your inpu

Thanks everyone for your input. It has been awhile but we think we just need to load DOS and then us CATALOG and then maybe BRUN. Like I said before, it has been awhile (over 20 years!!). Glad to see there is still an Apple II comunity out there. Biggrin

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Loading a Game

I have only one game disk for my Apple and it's called "Beach Head". It's a WW2 simulator and it loads and launches by itself. I don't need to load up an operating system for it. It apparently has the OS on the game disk. I would think that most all Apple game disks would be this way. Otherwise there would be an awful ot of disk switching going on to make things work.

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Game Disks

I have to go with "Pease" on this one. I have several
games and they all have the system included on the
disk so there is no need to load a seperate operating
system. On the other hand, the comments regarding a
"CAT","CATALOG","RUN","LOAD" or other commands are
useful in case the launching program is not functional.

My games include a variety of flight simulators, trivia
and movie games, and ,yes, an old version of "Anzio! BeachHead II".
Really great stuff that holds up well even against the
games out there today! I use a color monitor for the
games so they display depth-of-field better.

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Hey wallycanuck...

Just a thought, but how much RAM do you have
in that Apple II+? Most games need a full 128k
of RAM to function properly. that might be one
of your hangups. Try getting and adding a RAM
expansion card like a RAMfast. Just a thought.

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I know I'm a new guy here, bu

I know I'm a new guy here, but...

An AppleII+ will max out at 64K. I had 80K working on one of mine once, but only Locksmith 7 cared.

I thought RAMFast was a disk controller?

And since we're talking about ca. 1980 tech, I would say either 48K or 64K would be about what's needed here.

Here are some things we don't know about this situation and should before trying any further suggestions:
1. Exactly what happens when power is applied? (BIG HINT: NEVER have the floppy door closed when the power switch is being touched either way)
2. An Apple II+ should beep, give the "APPLE II" banner, scan slots from 7-0, and assuming it finds a disk II controller (or equivalent compatible), and try to read track 0, sector 0 into address $0800. Assuming we can only observe the obvious, does it get this far?
3. What happens next depends more on what's on the disk - if it's DOS 3.3, you should hear "chook chook chook, shhhhh" from the drive and see a "]" appear on the bottom, scrolling the banner offscreen. Then it will attept to load the greeting program - which could be anything but is usually an Applesoft program called HELLO.
If it's a game, it could do just about anything at this point instead, but usually involving disk activity and probably graphics appearing on screen.

Can't really comment on what's wrong without knowing where we got stuck. What happens when you try to boot the disk? And, do you have more than one disk to try?

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