misc hacking . . . errr, stuff to buy

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misc hacking . . . errr, stuff to buy

Here's a couple of suppliers that just happened to pass before me today, and I figgered I'd mention them here.

One of my fave suppliers for bits 'n' pieces just filled my mailbox with their catalog

mostly cheap, the prices you think you should be paying for cheap-type stuff.

examples eh?
6 pin FW plug - $.31
ac cord-'puter type - $1.35
av adapters - say . . . 3.5mm stereo plug to same 2 x jack $.69 - freakin' $4 at RatShack for the same Chinese made item!
ATA to Serial ATA adapter - $14
SCA to 50 pin adapter - $4.75
slim/laptop optical to ATA-40 adapter - $6.75
tons more, get their catalog. Or maybe not, I read the damn thing cover to cover twice looking at goodies to buy! I'm sure any item can be bought somewhere for less, but they have an interesting array of stuff very useful for us hacker types.

K, here's another thing I ran across today:

anyone recognize these? 3400/3500 pram batteries! 100 of 'em? LOL, at $1 each what could I do with the things? Don't need 'em for my 3400s that's for sure. Power something with them? Geez! Biggrin

Same vendor has some other interesting auctions/items, eg:
10 pack of 9GB SCA drives for $50
Asante EN/SC for $.99, BIN $6
PowerPrint cable for $.99, BIN $6
and most interesting for me was the pick-your-10-items-from-a-list:

OK, that's all for now. Usual disclaimers apply, I have no interest in these folks, etc.

Dan K