5500 Power Supply Question

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5500 Power Supply Question

A quick question, though please excuse me if this belongs better in the CC forum...

I've got a 5500/225 which I use mostly as a TV; I've also got a recently acquired 6400/180 which I'm considering setting up as a LinuxPPC box. Since it appears that my attempt to swap for a 6500/300 board has fallen though (RavenDarkness where are you?), I'm considering the idea of swapping motherboards between the two systems, building, in essence, a 5400/180 and a 6500/225.

My question, though, is this... ISTR that the 6400 board requires an external 3.3V source from the power supply while the 5500 board can generate its own. (Something which should be familiar to PowerCC builders.) Does anybody know if the 5500 supply includes the proper 3.3V to run the 6400 board (i.e., is it the same as a 5400 supply)?


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The 5500's PSU includes a 3.3V line.

In addition, the Apple Service Manual says the 6400 and 6500 both use the identical PSU -- same part number for both.

This would indicate that your planned swap should work fine.

However, the 5400-5500 series seems to have at least three different part numbers listed for PSUs. So I guess there's a small possibility there could be an incompatibility.

Just put the 6400's mobo in the 5500 and turn it on. If there's a problem, it won't boot. If it boots, it works. You can't damage anything by trying, and swapping the motherboard fences and PCI risers for testing purposes will take just a few minutes of your time.


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