Replacing Faulty Lombard Designs

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Replacing Faulty Lombard Designs

Those of us familiar with Apple's Lomabrds know that they have a very major design flaw. The CPU usually ends up getting fried due to excess heat. Right now on my Lombard which I got from a friend has it's L2 cache dead and internal fan seems to randomly fail.

I talked to the folks at an Apple store who suggested that if need be, I could hotwire the fan to run all the time by attaching it to a 5V line. Does anyone know where a source of 5 Volts inside the unit can be found so I can hotwire the fan?

Also, they mentioned that if I was carefull, I could replace Apple's heatsink for the CPu and replace it with a custom or generic heatsink from another application, perhaps from another laptop or other device that has small spaces. In my area I know there is an aluminum shop that does custom orders, and although this would be small, does anyone think that having a full heatsink on the CPU instead of Apple's plastic heatsink would add extra life to this Lombard? (Yes, you heard right, Apple used a plastic heatsink with some heat transfer stuff gunked on the top, not between the cpu and heatsink. Pretty lame.)

Anyways, I thought this was best placed in the hacks section. I figure if I do enough looking around I'm bound to find something that will help take heat away without comprimising the original design.

Any input is welcome.