SCSI Drives And Other Hardware

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SCSI Drives And Other Hardware

I'm selling some of my SCSI drives and other equipment that I no longer use, so if anything appeals to you, then feel free to ask me any questions etc. E-mails can be sent to

Quantum Atlas II 9GB 7200 RPM 68-Pin Drive With 50-Pin Converter

Asking $45.00 Canadian

LinkSys EtherFast 10/100 Compact USB Adaptor (Windows Only) Has broken clip, you will need to tape the ethernet cable to it, but otherwise works fine.

Asking $25.00 Canadian

External 5.25" CD-ROM/DVD Enclosure USB 2.0 With Power & Cables.

Asking $45.00 Canadian

AST 486 Cyrix DX2/66 Laptop - 12MB RAM, 500MB Hard Disk & Network Adaptor. Colour Screen @ 256 Colours. Battery is dead. Two floppy drives included. Runs Windows 95.

Asking $35.00 Canadian

Spare Performa 6200 Logic Board & Harness Cables and Fan.

Free - Just pay for shipping.

InfoWave PowerPrint - Connects PC printers to a Mac serial port. Comes with drivers.

Asking $15.00 Canadian

Spare 640MB ATA Hard Disk - Quantum Fireball

Asking $5.00 Canadian

Apple 600i CD-ROM Drive (4X)

Asking $5.00 Canadian