by Mark Fisher

Scamp - front

This is, of course, an old NeXT cube; the guts are from a Power Mac 6500. The motherboard is nice and small so it fits inside this lovely magnesium case from the NeXT cube. I mounted the motherboard and hard drive and other miscellaneous bits on two sheets of plexiglass, so they slide nicely into the slots for the NeXT board. It has an oldish caddy-style CD ROM drive that is able to use the hole left after removing the NeXT's MO drive. There was just enough room left to put that big speaker from the 6500 in the bottom. The final touch is the chrome nameplate from my '73 Plymouth Scamp (defunct) to give it some class. My plan for this one is to use it as a file and print server

Scamp - in progress Scamp - guts

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