Help meh, LC III freezes on startup.

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Help meh, LC III freezes on startup.

well, I just reinstalled the system 7.5.3, and it was booting fine since then. but now, I get this weird freeze at startup. I get the smily face, the "Welcome to macintosh", the "Mac OS" splash, icon parade, then I see my mouse, and the top white bar, then nothing. I hear the hard drive get accesed a few times, than nothing. I am able to move the mouse when the white bar is present, but after the hard drive freezings, nothing. I tried rebuilding the desktop, but I got a blank yellow, yes yellow (think stickies yellow) dialoge box, then freeze. for some reason, I can start in safe mode, a.k.a. extensions off mode, and it boots just fine. both my hard drives appear, all my program aliases, all 4 of my trash cans (origonal and 3 aliases), top toolbar, and control strip. I am able to rebuild the desktop in safe mode, so I did. no solution. I zapped the PRAM, nothing. I removed the PRAM batt and zapped, nothing. replaced the PRAM batt, and again, nothing. What's funny, is that even though my panasonic CD-ROm is turned on, the extension reads a ? on it when I load, but right after I zapped the PRAM, I got a 2 next to the extension (working properly, it displays the SCSI ID number). then, after the damn thing froze again, and I restarted, I got the ? again. could it possibly be a shot PRAM battery? if so, I have a new SAFT one I keep in backup just in case. just say the word, and i'll swap them. oh, one more thing, my internal speaker isnt going off when I switch it on. I dont know if it is plugged in wrong, or what. Specs time:

Macintosh LC III
Motorolia 68030 @ 33mhz (chipped from it's origonal 25).
no FPU (PM me if you have one that will work)
maxed out ram @ 36mb (4 on mobo, 1 32mb SIMM)
Macintosh HD: 250mb Conner SCSI HDD @ ID 0
Macintosh HD 2: Origonal 80mb Quantium SCSI HDD @ SCSI ID 4
Panasonic external 8x SCSI CD-ROM @ SCSI ID 2
DaynaPort LC PDS Ethernet Card, @ 10T.
System 7.5.3 Revision 2 Full clean Install
SAM v 3.5
Stuffit Expander 4.01
Virex 3.1
Disk First Aid
Drive Setup
Apple Personal Diagnostics

so, that is my loadout. heavily modded. let me know what is wrong ASAP, as this is my workhorse of my fleet. btw, if anyone has a 1gb or larger SCSI HDD, PM me, or PM me if you have that FPU. Thanks so much you guys. -digital Wink

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Start simple. Yank the second hard drive and the external CD. And the NIC. Take it down to the basics. Get the OS to work in the original hard drive and then build from there.


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It sounds like you have two d

It sounds like you have two devices on the SCSI chain that is using the same address. ditto on the procedure but also check and make sure that no two devices are using the same ID. In my PCC Powerbase 200. if you use two devices on the same bus with the same ID, it does the same exact thing. also you can reset the PMU and the pram. another thing, Is that panasoni a klx -820e or 738e. and does it have speakers built into it. If it is one that is portable, It might the one I'm thinging about and I know that it does not work at all w/ the macintosh at all.

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no, scsi IDs are all set.

If you look at my specs, I listed the SCSI IDs on all 3 of my devices. my main HD (Macintosh HD) is on SCSI ID 0, my Secondary HD (Macintosh HD 2) is SCSI ID 4, and my Panasonic CD rom is on SCSI ID 2. as for the CD ROM model, it doesnt have any speakers, but it has a headphone jack on the front, 2 SCSI jacks, power jack, and Red White Audio outs on the back. oh, and I am starting to think it is a software conflict, because I booted extensionless, and I found that my system folder had a lock on it. the folder icon had changed, and I managed to trace it back to a program called FolderBolt. So, I put a lock on it (for some reason, even though the System folder is unlocked, it still retains the lock icon). then, I removed all the locks and rebooted in full. well, same freeze happened, with the added exception of the watch. btw, the hands didnt move, and I found that if you click anywhere on the backgorund, it will cause the machine to freeze faster.

Well, gents, thanks for your help. here is what I am going to do: boot with my network access disk, trash the contents of my Macintosh HD, copy the System 7.5.3 folder (currently on Macintosh HD 2, I kept it on there in case of just such a thing.) then, I will shut down, remove the 2nd HD, NIC, and CD; reboot with NAD, and reinstall 7.5.3. that should lick the problem. I will report back later. right now I am in school at lunch. I will try when I get home. Oh, and one last not on the CD ROm, when I got it a week ago, it worked just fine. I think sommat corrupted the extension. when I reinstall, 1st thing I will do is install the CD software. Thanks again. if this doesnt work, I am going to need some more suggestions. keep 'em coming. Thanks again, you people really know your stuff. -digital Wink

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