Upgrade, need to test..

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Upgrade, need to test..

Hello people,

I have just upgraded my old 8600 with a G3/400/1 Sonnet

I need some software and or advice as to how to test it.

IT does not seem much if any faster at the moment.

Interleaving ram... do you just do it? or do you have to set something on the machine to tell it has been done?

I dont think my 1mb lvl2 cashe is active. I am running Xpostfacto.

But I think something like MacBench etc.. would be good here.. anyone know a source? Or a program available that can do the same type of thing?


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about the ram...

interleaving ram is simple and yes it automatically works. You should see slots on the board such as : A1 A2 A3 A4 / and / B1 B2 B3 B4
To interleave the ram put the same amount of ram in the corresponding slots: A1-B1 ,
A2-B2 , A3-B3, A4-B4. It will automatically take place. As for using L2 Cache in OS X. You will have to look in the "About this Mac...." I should tell you about Ram... Processor... and Cache. If it's there, then it works.

To really test it... Use a high power Game. or render an image or convert a movie. try it on the 604e and then the PPC 750 "a.k.a: G3"

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