emac help/conversion

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emac help/conversion

Hi there

Is it possible to fit a 2.g emac logicboard into a b&w g3?

My uncle is giving me his "old" 1ghz emac, because the monitor don't work anymore.

It booted fine, when i used the mini-vga to power an external monitor. And it looked cool to have 2 emacs on my desk (i also have an 1 ghz clocked to 1,27 ghz).
But the extra monitor took up a lot of space.

I then tried to solder the pins on the monitor cable socket (my uncle smashed it), but unfortunately broke one of the pins, and now it doesn't boot?

Does the emac check for an internal monitor before it is able to boot?

Do you have any links to conversions of the emac?

I don't have any experience with these newer macs, so don't know where to start...
But it would be nice to have a second powerful mac to convert video, as i hate when i have to use my old imac instead of the emac (when its busy converting video)...