Looking for Franklin Ace 2200

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Looking for Franklin Ace 2200

I am looking for the Franklin ACE 2200 Clone, it was a

beautiful machine and I am willing to pay some serious

money to own one.



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Ace 2200


I am an original owner of two Franklin Ace computers - I have a 1000 and a 2200. Last time I powered them up, they were both in 100% working condition.


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ACE 2000 dealer demo

I'm not ready to part with my 2100, but if you do acquire the
2200, let me know. I still have the Dealer Diagnostics and
ACE 2000 demo disks (I wrote them under contract for Franklin
back in 1986). My copies were just sent to Ernest at
apple2clones, so he can probably supply the binaries once he
gets the disks.


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