Ethernet on a Powerbase 200

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Ethernet on a Powerbase 200


I'm looking for a Ethernet-adaptor for PCI. Does anyone know any card that will work?

Many regards :?

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PCI ethernet


Any PCI ethernet card that has drivers -- either installed or installable -- should work. I hate to appear as a shill for the LEM swaplist BUT it is the best place to acquire this kind of gear. Please don't misconstrue the above to be an endorsement of the LEM site in general.


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The SMC 1255TX is Mac compati

The SMC 1255TX is Mac compatible and I know it's currently stocked in the local big-box stores. I've used it in both 9 and X, though I had to track down a generic 8139 driver to use it in X.

There's a D-Link card as well, DE-530TX+ (make sure it's the + version!!! The + is based on the RTL 8139 like the SMC ).

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I have the D-LINK card...

It works very well, sadly it doesn't have auto reverse cable switcher. (could come in handy with my PB Pismo not doing it either) However, I love it.'

BTW: I have a Powerbase to, too bad ithe ethernt is not built onto the board. I could use an extra PCI Port seeing as they only have three (the other two are occupied by a sound and USB Card).

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