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Quicktake 100|pci enet|iwebkey|PSUs|apple][es|software

Hello one and all! I have some stuff to sell, just trying to get some room, so it is a diverse group. Here we go:

-PCI 100 base pci card - $4 + S&H
-Quicktake 100 camera - $6 + S&H (no accessories)
-macally iwebkey wireless keyboard (has cool mouse tool too, osx and os9 compatible) - $19 + S&H
-Beige Desktop PSUs - $10 + S&H
-7x00 Desktop PSUs - $5 +S&H
-61xx Desktop PSUs - $4 + S&H
-Apple ][es (have eight and two 5.25 drives per machine) - Make Offer
-Newton 2100 battery tray (takes aa cells) - $15 + S&H

-MacUser Mac interactive Magic - $1
-Adobe Pagemill 3.0 - $2
-Mac action Games (Full Tilt pinball, marathon 2, vegas casion, al unser jr. racing) - $1
-stowaway - $1
-lost mind of dr brain - $1
-original myst - $2
-dark forces - $1
-clarisworks office 5.0 - $4
-creatures - $3
-little monster at school - $1
-macsoft mac arcarde pack - $3

Software does not include shipping, but require minimum order of $4 (combine shipping costs)
I can ship UPS immediately, usps require me taking a visit to the PO, which happens less.
I accept paypal and MO and checks with prior arrangement and refs and clearance (sorry, i have been burned)
ebay ref under torpedobird (100% minus one guy who demanded money but wouldn't send the item back, weird)
Shipping is from 15139 btw. Overseas welcome, but pleae contact me saying you are overseas.


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Oh and...

I have some ipod accessories I would like to sell too:
-ipod remote (newer kind with side tab) - $13 + S&H
-ipod in-ear headphones - $25 + S&H

or take them both for $40 including shipping within 48 states.

also, in terms of trades for all this stuff, I am looking for a small, preferably powered, usb hub. Doesnt have to be 2.0 or anything, just need to power some antec light tubes ^-^


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what model is that mouse that

what model is that mouse that comes with the keyboard?

i might be interested in them

email me @ dragoncast@gmail.com

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The iwebkey is an "all in one" web keyboard that is usb and is pretty much like those webtv and such things. The mouse is integrated.

The two seagate scsi drives are gone.

I just found two more things to add as well.
First off is a Bell Systems BellStor External SCSI case. I will include the centronics->db cable and a terminator as well. $8 + S&H

Second off is a G3 upgrade for a 6100. It was pulled working, but I do not have a machine to test it in for speed and specs now. I was hoping for $20 +S&H


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